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Griffin Industries rendering plant

Application: Dredging settled rendering sludge from discharge ponds.

Griffin Industries uses its...

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Imerys Flump

Morgan McCutcheon of IMERYS Kaolin Mine, Sandersville, GA. First Anniversary Update - September 23,...

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Rittman Paperboard Company

Steve Smith, Rittman Paperboard Company, Rittman, OH 44270-1573, said this about his November 2005...

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Pigment Plant

February 1996. Mearl Corporation owns and operates an Automated FLUMP™ System manufactured by SRS...

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Sand and Gravel Producer

Type of Facility: Sand & gravel producer

P.W. Gillibrand owns and operates an Automated Radio...
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Coal Fired Power Plant

Customer: U.S. Operating Services, Scrubgrass Generating Station.

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Four Flumps to Canada

August 2007. A major Canadian mining company purchased four Crisafulli FLUMP dredges to replace...

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Dual Construction Company

Cutterhead on Crisafulli 3-inch FLUMP

Ken Nelson, Dual Construction Company, Texarkana,...

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Bozeman Wastewater Treatment

Crisafulli FLUMP operating at Bozeman, Montana USA WWTP.

Paul Layton, Assistant Superintendent,...

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Manchester Water Works

"We would like to thank you for your wonderful FLUMP. We have been dealing with our wet sludge...

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