Rittman Paperboard Company

SRS Crisafulli

Steve Smith, Rittman Paperboard Company, Rittman, OH 44270-1573, said this about his November 2005 purchase of a Crisafulli 4" FLUMP.

“The purchase was very easy. It took little of my time. Communications were clear and concise. The product functions as planned. I would definitely recommend Crisafulli. This was one of the best purchasing experiences I have had."

In completing Crisafulli’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, Steve Smith added these comments – “the FLUMP was delivered on time and per specifications in good condition.” He felt the equipment was “a good value, the friendly and courteous Crisafulli sales rep was knowledgeable about the FLUMP, and was delivered with an adequate owner’s manual with parts/service information, and that he received adequate technical information before and after his purchase.”

Steve indicated these factors were very important to his purchase decision. “Performance, features, and price,” as well as “the Crisafulli warranty, and overall quality of the product.”


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