Dredge Rentals

The dredges listed below are from Crisafulli's Rental Fleet and may be new or used. The Rotomites and FLUMP shown may be purchased or rented. Immediate delivery could mean "shipped from the Factory within two weeks of placing a sales or rental order".

4" 50HP Flump
Ready to Ship!

Out Working!

Rotomite SD-110
Out Working!

Rotomite 6000
Out Working!

To assist customers and prospective customers who are interested in short-term rentals of our Rotomite and FLUMP dredges, we offer a schedule of dredges in our Rental Fleet, from which we can offer immediate delivery, unless the dredge has been committed to another customer.

Dredge Installation and Training Services. Crisafulli provides installation and training services for rental customers across America, in Canada, and Worldwide.

SRS Crisafulli "Try Before You Buy" Program

American and Canadian Customers may apply 100% of the first month's rental fee (less freight or service) toward purchase of the rental equipment provided the customer issues a purchase order during the initial thirty (30) days of the rental period. Customer must notify Crisafulli by day ten (10) of the rental if customer elects to purchase.

If a customer issues a purchase order between thirty-one (31) and ninety (90) days of the start of the initial rental period, customer may apply 50% of their total rental fee (less freight or service) incurred during the first thirty (30) days of the rental term toward the purchase of the rental equipment.

Terms for Dredge Rentals. Minimum 1-month rental (1 month equals 30 days or 240 hours of service). Incremental terms beyond first month are: monthly; and in unique cases weekly.