Industries Served


Crisafulli manufacturers SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions which remove water, soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas, and irrigate farms and ranches, and many other applications. 

Product solutions include self-propelled and remote controlled and automated dredges, centrifugal trailer, submersible, and vertical pumps, and portable power equipment, Crisafulli products are used by contractors, agricultural customers (farmers and ranchers), industrial and municipal customers, state and federal government departments, and regional authorities across America and around the World.

Some Agricultural Applications

  • Irrigate crops (flood and row irrigate)
  • Dewater crops
  • Dairy and hog waste management
  • Mix & pump the waste for field land application or injection
  • Tail-water reuse
  • Dredging water intakes for irrigation and aquaculture
  • Harvest peat bogs
  • Clean ponds or lagoons of sludge, sediment, biosolids and residuals
  • Aquatic weed control
  • High-volume water transfers from canals, ditches, and rivers

Pump Applications. Shrewd agricultural producers in every state use Crisafulli's portable PTO powered trailer pumps for high-volume water transfer. A 16" Crisafulli will pump an acre-foot of water in thirty-three minutes. Farmers rely on Crisafulli Pumps to protect crop yields, by pumping water off rain-saturated fields, as well as supplying water to flood and furrow-irrigated farmland. Strawberry farmers in California and corn producers in the Midwest use their Crisafulli pumps to prevent flooding during heavy rains, while cotton farmers row irrigate with their Crisafulli trailer pumps. Growers who raise cranberries, alfalfa, and rice flood irrigate with high-volume, conveniently portable Crisafulli trailer pumps. With water being such a precious, and costly, resource for growers in California, the capture of tail-water in gravity-fed sumps has become common. From these sumps, Crisafulli pumps return the tail-water so it can be beneficially used.

To move dairy waste from pits under their barns, producers often select a Crisafulli vertical pump. When fitted with a slurry gate the vertical pump becomes a mixer. Close the slurry gate to pump the waste away. When dairy or hog waste is transferred to pits and ponds, farmers rely on Crisafulli slurry trailer pumps to mix and pump the waste for field land application or injection.

Dredge Applications. To dredge canals, clean ponds or lagoons of sludge, sediment, biosolids and residuals, cut paths to shrimp farming groups, and to harvest peat bogs, farmers and ranchers use the popular self-propelled Rotomite-6000 and remote controlled and automated FLUMP dredges, all manufactured and serviced by SRS Crisafulli.

Some Dredge Applications

  • Dredge Mill scale
  • Dredge Petrochemical sludge
  • Dredge Metal precipitates
  • Dredge Lime sludge
  • Dredge Biosolids
  • Dredge Fly ash
  • Dredge Alum sludge
  • Dredge Mine tailings
  • Dredge Coal fines
  • Contract dredging services

Some Pump and Portable Power Unit Applications

  • High-volume water transfer to fill water trucks
  • Dewater excavation sites
  • Dewater coffer dams
  • High-volume water transfer from ditches, canals & rivers
  • Emergency pumping & sewage bypass operations
  • Contract dredging services to remove sludge, slurries, sediments, and wastes
  • Dewater sand & gravel pits

Crisafulli products are built rugged to industrial duty standards.

Dredging Solutions.  Contractors who own Crisafulli self-propelled Rotomite dredges and Crisafulli remote controlled and automated FLUMP dredges earn good money providing contract-dredging services, which is a growing market. Contractors tell us they chose the Rotomite because of its compact size, portability on land and afloat, fast and easy mobilization, high productivity, and self-propulsion, which means they can run the dredge without a cabling system. This enables them to bid on a variety of dredging jobs and handle applications they could not previously handle.

Trailer Pumps.  Contractors choose Crisafulli trailer-mounted portable pumps because of their versatility.  Crisafulli trailer pumps can be relocated and running in under ten minutes. Crisafulli trailer pumps are either PTO-powered from a tractor, or powered by a diesel engine or electric motor mounted on the trailer’s frame. Industrial contractors often prefer the self-powered system. For construction companies working in residential areas, where noise level is a concern, the electric motor powered trailer pump is often preferred.

Submersible Hydraulic and Electric Pumps. Water truck drivers rely on Crisafulli pumps to fill their trucks quickly to control dust on haul roads at construction sites.

Dewatering excavation sites, barrow pits, ditches, as well as diversion dewatering of cofferdams can be accomplished with a Crisafulli trailer pump or submersible hydraulic pump. Crisafulli hydraulic pumps are chosen for sewage bypass operations. Crisafulli hydraulic pumps can be powered by a Crisafulli trailer or skid mounted hydraulic power unit, or run off the hydraulics of an excavator or other piece of construction equipment.

Rugged Crisafulli hydraulic pumps were used to cleanup the Valdez oil spill. After the oil had been recovered and placed in barges it sat in cargo holds and deteriorated. When other pumps failed to pump the contaminated oil, Crisafulli pumps were used get the sludge out of the barges.

Vertical Pumps. A Crisafulli Solution For Every Vertical Pumping Need -
Flows To 18,000 GPM - Total Dynamic Heads (TDH) to 280 Feet - Spherical Solids Passing To 5 1/2 Inches. Crisafulli offers 133 standard models in five product groups, and additionally custom engineers all its vertical pumps.

Portable Power Units. Crisafulli offers 60 models of its portable power units. A Crisafulli Solution For Every Portable Power Need. Hydraulic Output Up To 150 GPM - PTO Horsepower Output Up To 250 HP.

Pump and Portable Power Unit Applications

  • Emergency power for stormwater applications
  • Emergency pumping
  • Fish and wildlife refuge management
  • Flood control
  • Emergency pumping and sewage bypass operations
  • Maintenance of recreational facilities
  • Natural resource management
  • Nearly silent pumping in residential areas
  • Passing grit and trash in stormwater applications
  • Permanent pumping and control structures on dike and stormwater systems for flood control and stormwater management stations
  • Self-contained pumping at remote sites
  • Stormwater management
  • Water recirculation at hatcheries and fisheries
  • Water replacement at hatcheries and fisheries
  • Wildlife refuges and waterfowl management

Dredge Applications

  • A wide variety of dredging applications
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Canal dredging
  • Conservation projects
  • Dredge around and under docks
  • Dredge golf course ponds

Federal and State Agency Managers use Crisafulli dredges, pumps, and portable power units for wildlife refuges, waterfowl management, flood control, emergency pumping, water replacement, recirculation at fisheries, and specialized projects.

Over forty-six years, as an engineering and manufacturing Company, Crisafulli has created a broad line of over 450 products organized in ten Product Groups, all aimed at providing customers with “BEST VALUE".

Crisafulli’s pumps, dredges and power units are considered by many as the most reliable equipment working for the Federal and State Agency Managers, including the US Army Corp of Engineers.

Some Industrial Customers

  • Chemical companies - dredge abrasive, low-level radioactive material
  • Coal companies
  • Food processing plants
  • Gravel quarries - dredge settling ponds
  • Gypsum plants
  • Industrial companies
  • Kaolin mines
  • Landfill operators
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Metals processing companies
  • Metal refineries - dredge solids in a solution of sulfuric acid
  • Mining Companies - dredge metal processing precipitate
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Oil companies
  • Oil exploration - mix & recirculate drilling mud
  • Oil refineries
  • Paint pigment plants
  • Paper board plants
  • Petrochemical plants - pump crude oil wastes
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper companies
  • Manage wastewater
  • Sand quarries - dredge settling ponds
  • Steel Mills - dredge mill scale deposits
  • Utility companies
  • Zinc plants

Dredges. Our domestic and international industrial customers call their waste containment areas by different names: sump, pond, lagoon, tank, pit, basin, or channel. The problem is always the same – i.e., settled waste must be removed to comply with state and federal laws.

Examples of Dredge Applications. At a steel mill, the Crisafulli Rotomite dredges mill scale deposits from channels. A gold mining operation uses a Crisafulli FLUMP to dredge metal processing precipitate from holding ponds and transfer the precipitate to drying beds. At a metals processing plant overseas, a custom-built stainless steel Rotomite dredges solids in a solution of sulfuric acid. A chemical company uses another customized Crisafulli unit to dredge highly abrasive, low-level radioactive material. Crisafulli's first automated dredge was built to dredge a settling pond at a sand and gravel plant. Coal-fired power generation plants prefer the Rotomite to remove fly ash from lagoons and transfer it to drying beds.

Pumps. Mine superintendents, power plant operators, petrochemical managers, and chemical engineers have used versatile, rugged and dependable Crisafulli pumps for forty years. They know from experience that a Crisafulli pump will handle anything sent its way. If the material can flow, there is a Crisafulli that can pump it. They also know that our engineers will work with them to customize their product. If the material to be pumped is corrosive, caustic, acidic or abrasive, Crisafulli will design and build a pump that works in the environment. Crisafulli's first electric floating pumps, built in 1966, were made to mix and recirculate drilling mud in oilfield pits. More recently, petrochemical companies and mines have chosen hydraulic pumps, powered by Crisafulli diesel-hydraulic power units, to transfer crude oil wastes, tailings, mine slimes and slurries.

Custom products. Each industrial customer brings unique needs to Crisafulli and we take pleasure in designing and building solutions that exceeds their expectations. Call us. We work with our customers to find solutions to their unique challenges. Count on us.

Some Dredge and Pump Applications

  • Dredge biosolids and residuals from Water Treatment lagoons
  • Dredge Municipal wastes
  • Dredge Wastewater biosolids
  • Dredge non toxic materials
  • Dredge toxic materials
  • Emergency power
  • Emergency pumping
  • Flood control
  • Lake and canal dredging
  • Nearly silent pumping in residential areas
  • Passing grit & trash in stormwater applications
  • Permanent pumping and control structures for flood control
  • Potable water treatment
  • Remove settled solids from ponds and lagoons
  • Self-contained pumping at remote sites
  • Sewage lift stations
  • Stormwater management

Applications. Municipal managers use Crisafulli dredges to dredge ponds, dredge lagoons and basins of waste water sludge or bio-solids, and to remove residuals and settled solids from ponds at potable water treatment plants.

Custom Dredges. Crisafulli consulting engineers customize Crisafulli's dredges to efficiently manage solids at waste water and water treatment facilities.

Automated Remote Controlled Dredges. Crisafulli's radio remote controlled automated FLUMP dredging systems save time and labor.

Many domestic and Canadian customers rent Crisafulli’s Rotomite and FLUMP dredges on short-term leases, and, after becoming familiar with the productive capabilities of the dredges, buy them.

Self-Propelled Dredges. Cities from coast-to-coast have chosen Crisafulli's self-propelled Rotomite, which operates without a traverse system, to dredge irregularly shaped ponds, lagoons, canals and waterways. The Rotomite has interchangeable cutterheads designed specifically for sludge, weeds, and heavy slurries, as well as a powerful pump that ensures highest flows.

Features and Benefits. From years of experience, municipal managers know that Crisafulli pumps, dredges, and power units are engineered for performance, manufactured to last, and are supported with superior service. Crisafulli vertical pumps are ideal solutions for permanent pumping and control structures to enhance Municipal dike and storm water systems. Crisafulli pumps pass grit and trash that cause other pumps to fail. Choose a dual drive (Electric/PTO) Crisafulli if your city faces power outages during storm events. Crisafulli offers auto-start pump control systems.

Crisafulli portable trailer pumps can be deployed and operational within minutes. Most Crisafulli trailer pumps are PTO powered, but municipalities often choose Crisafulli's diesel engine-on-frame model for use at remote pump sites, or Crisafulli's electric motor on frame model for quiet operation in residential areas.