Sand and Gravel Producer

SRS Crisafulli

Type of Facility: Sand & gravel producer

P.W. Gillibrand owns and operates an Automated Radio Remote Controlled FLUMP™ Sludge Removal System manufactured by SRS Crisafulli. The dredge is used primarily in the manual mode as the duty cycle duration required was not nearly as long as was anticipated by the customer. The operation is from a shore based control panel. The dredge is used to remove silt from a settling pond in a sand & gravel supply operation, which includes washing the product. Material is natural sand and gravel that is pumped out of a basin to maintain volume within the basin for settling purposes. The system was manufactured out of A36 carbon steel with abrasion resistant components as required in high wear areas. A hardwired remote control located on shore to the dredge was used. Automated features include dredge travel speed and positioning of the dredge on the lagoon.

Customer: P. W. Gillibrand.

Contact: Tom Robertson

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