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SRS Crisafulli

"We would like to thank you for your wonderful FLUMP. We have been dealing with our wet sludge lagoon for many years and have not always been totally successful. We found your system to be of excellent design and robust construction. The control system is direct and easy to understand."

"I must say we were a little apprehensive about renting a machine, sight unseen, from the wilds of Montana, but the FLUMP has exceeded our expectations. The setup diagrams were most helpful; however, the best part was that you were just a phone call away to answer the few questions we did have."

"From beginning to end, you, your machine and the people who work for you are clearly first rate. We are looking forward to purchasing a sludge pump system and yours is certainly our first choice."

Manchester Water Works purchased a Flump Dredge System in July, 2001, which is still in service today.

More about Manchester Water Works:

David Miller, Division Head

For more than 130 years, Lake Massabesic has served as the water supply for Manchester and portions of six surrounding communities. In order to satisfy stringent state and federal drinking water regulations, the lake water is purified at Manchester's Water Treatment Plant. This facility was completed in 1974 and has since been routinely updated with state-of-the-art equipment to improve quality control and operational efficiency and was significantly upgraded in 2006. Located adjacent to Lake Massabesic, the plant treats all of the City's water before it is pumped into a 490-mile piping network for distribution to homes and industries.

The plant has a maximum hydraulic capacity of 50 million gallons per day and presently delivers in excess of 17 million gallons per day to approximately 160,000 consumers in the greater Manchester area. Manchester's modern treatment facility has been designed to treat a wide range of water quality problems to ensure that the customer receives the best possible drinking water.

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