Case Histories

Four Flumps to Canada

August 2007. A major Canadian mining company purchased four Crisafulli FLUMP dredges to replace their pond cleaning methods (manually hosing solids to a sump pump) and reported that the operation of the FLUMPs exceeded expectations; the FLUMPs worked very well and removed lots of solids; the FLUMPs performed much faster and more easily than the prior method.

The mining company made the following comments about our product quality and customer service - the FLUMP dredges were delivered per specifications, and in good condition; the FLUMPs were good quality and good value, performed as expected and met the customer’s needs; the Crisafulli sales staff was knowledgeable about the dredges, provided adequate technical information, and Crisafulli’s Operations & Maintenance Manuals contained adequate parts/service information.

The customer said that in its buying decision these factors were important or very important - the FLUMPs performance, product features, overall quality of the product, Crisafulli’s brand reputation, and availability of after-sale service and support, and its comparisons of the Crisafulli FLUMPs to other brands. The customer rated these aspects of Crisafulli’s customer service as excellent – employee product knowledge, ease of purchasing and ordering, and ease of payment.

Equipment: Flump