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The world's largest stormwater alum treatment facility - in Florida

Stormwater in the Florida canal system is slow moving. The green, murky water in the lakes fed by...

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Lagoon Maintenance Dredging every Decade

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The Experts’ Views of Horizontal Hydraulic Auger Dredging

Four Major Benefits of Horizontal Hydraulic Auger Dredges

I attended the Texas A & M University...

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Dredging the Hudson River

By Laura Fleming, SRS Crisafulli President and CFO

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Suggested Tips: Dredge Maintenance Schedule

Whether you have just installed your new dredge or you have been dredging for a while, you should...

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Natchez Wastewater Treatment Facility Finds Success with New System

A popular magazine at the SRS Crisafulli offices is Treatment Plant Operator (TPO), which serves...

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SRS Crisafulli Explores Dredging and Hydropower

Energy production and consumption worldwide is influenced by many factors. Resource availability,...

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Dredging and Shoreline Remediation

Many situations can complicate a shoreline’s integrity. These can range from flooding, hurricanes...

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Replacement Parts - Are They Worth Stocking?

By Troy Fercho, SRS Crisafulli Rental Equipment Specialist

We have all been there. You are right...

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Dredging Short Courses

By Eric Lillberg, SRS Crisafulli Senior Applications Engineer

When I first started as an...

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