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SRS Crisafulli Hosts Miss Montana Contestants for 5th Year

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Thu, Sep 22, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Glendive, Montana has held the Miss Montana Scholarship Program since 2005.  SRS Crisafulli, Inc. signed on as a sponsor in 2006.  We were inspired in part by the model of the Blue Crew from our competitor, Thompson Pump.

Each year SRS Crisafulli invites the contestants to the factory for a tour and a photo shoot.  SRS Crisafulli supports these young women in their goals for higher learning and their community volunteerism. 

The contestants visit is a favorite day at the factory.

This year the Miss Montana Outstanding Teen Contestants also toured the SRS Crisafulli factory and participated in the photo shoot, with great success. 

A full twelve month calendar is in the final planning stages, and will feature the ladies from both groups of contestants. 

Pre-Order SRS Crisafulli's 2012 Miss Montana and Miss Montana Outstanding Teen Calendar.

View some pictures from their visit -use the stop button if they change too quickly.

Congratulations to Miss Montana 2011, Veronika Ohlinger from Cooke City, Montana.  Miss Ohlinger will represent Montana at the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, January, 2012.  She is a Montana ambassador, speaking to schools, conferences and at special events. Her platform is Inspiring America: Dare to Dream.  

Miss Montana-Veronika Ohlinger Miss Montana 2011 Veronika Ohlinger

Jalyssa Gorder of Sidney, Montana was named 2011 Miss Montana's Outstanding Teen at the Miss Montana Scholarship Pageant in Glendive.  Jalyssa won a $1,000 scholarship. Ms. Gorder represented Montana in Orlando, FL at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant in August.

 Miss Montana Outstanding Teen 2011Miss Montana Outstanding Teen 2011 Jalyssa Gorder

SRS Crisafulli congratulates these young women and wishes them all the success in their endeavors.

Visit the Miss Montana website.

To join us and the Glendive and Montana communities in supporting the Miss Montana Scholarship Program by becoming a sponsor, contact:

I.M.A.G.E Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 504
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 939-1392

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55% of Award Projects Based on "Best Value"; SRS Crisafulli Responds

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Mon, Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:08 AM

SRS Crisafulli prides itself on the high quality, reliability and durability of its dredges, pumps and power units.  SRS Crisafulli asserts "Best Value" for its products.  But is "Best Value" always what our customers are looking for? 

header logo1 resized 600The July 2011 Public Works publication titled 'Holding Steady and Looking Ahead' cites poll results from their readers.


“Public private partnerships are an important option that can be utilized in times of economic uncertainty and in periods of prosperity. There is a nexus between the public sector’s needs and the private sector’s goals. Local and state governments, particularly in today’s challenging economic times, need to find innovative ways to improve infrastructure that makes sense to the taxpayer.”
– Doug Domenech, Secretary of Natural Resource of the Commonwealth of Virginia; Source:The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Many of SRS Crisafulli's customers are contractors, engineers, as well as municipal, state and government agencies.   This Public Works article describes the current views of its readers regarding public/private partnerships.

"As budgets shrink, public agencies are exploring alternative project delivery methods.  Arrangements such as public/private partnerships can help fill short-term funding gaps - assuming there are private funds to be had.  Nearly a quarter of Public Works readers have tried a partnership at least once..." Source:  Public Works.
SRS Crisafulli finds this information intriguing. 

We wonder how our customers would answer the same question. 

So we created our own poll.  What do YOU say?  If you bid on government projects, please leave your comments below.

Read the Public Works article.

PUBLIC WORKS Online is part of the Hanley Wood network of construction-industry Web sites.

Are you bidding on a pump or dredge project? Contact us today!

Read SRS Crisafulli customer case histories and testimonials.

Read about SRS Crisafulli's technology and development.

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Dredging the Back Nine: Stormwater and Water Treatment Ponds

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Thu, Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:08 PM

SRS Crisafulli's FLUMP Dredge was in the news this spring for its role in meeting the opening day schedule at a unique Wyoming golf course.

The Casper Star-Tribune ‌reported on the FLUMP's contribution to a remediation effort at the Three Crowns Golf Course, Casper, Wyoming.  When we called to find out if the deadline had been met, we were told it was close, within one week.

Three Crowns Golf Course resides on the award winning remediation project of the former Amoco Oil Refinery along the North Platte River, as described at

Photo Credit:

The environmental management master contractor, Trec, Inc., chose the SRS Crisafulli FLUMP dredge.  "Golf courses everywhere use these to clean these ponds," said Jesse Fuller with Atlantic Richfield, which also assists with the remeditation maintenance at Three Crowns Golf Course.

Crisafulli reports that many golf course ponds are being dredged to restore the irrigation capacity of their ponds.

Contractors from Grizzly Excavation reported on the ease of use of the FLUMP system.  They "held a remote control, pushed a switch, and a motor activated the propeller to push an SRS Crisafulli FLUMP Dredge tethered to a cable strung across the major stormwater pond on the back nine of the course."

An SRS Crisafulli FLUMP dredge can "pass" a golf ball - which apparently were abundantly present in the Three Crowns Golf Course water treatment system ponds and stormwater pond.


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SRS Crisafulli Dealer Awarded

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Mon, Jul 25, 2011 @ 14:07 PM

Dredge DealerDairy Specialists, an SRS Crisafulli agricultural dealer for more than two years, was awarded with the Colorado-based CEBA Bill Daniels Business Award in March for conducting every aspect of its business with the highest of ethical standards.

Companies who receive the CEBA award are nominated by customers, vendors and organizations in the community at large.

When asked why Dairy Specialists was selected for this award, Owner Randy Sorensen had the following response:

“I think the way we choose to do business really resonates with people.

Dairy Specialists’ mission statement serves as the framework for how our company operates.

Mission Statement:

Dairy Specialists will be the Rocky Mountain Region’s Premier Provider of Dairy Construction, Supplies and Service by providing:

  • The Best Designs in the Marketplace
  • The Best Construction Quality & Time to Completion
  • The Best Service & Products Available
  • The Best Internal Systems in the Industry
  • The Best People in The Business
  • The Best Value for Our Customers…Our Partners


We will be Outstanding Citizens of the Community that Makes Our Business Possible.

Creating a culture driven by the mission statement is a function of ethical, principled leadership at Dairy Specialists. The Leadership Team models the way for all our employees by framing every activity and decision it makes around the questions, “Is it the right thing to do?” and, “Does it drive us towards completion of our mission?” It’s simple, but it seems that, when framed in these terms, every issue, be it with vendors, customers, employees or the community at large yields consistently fair, quality outcomes. Our employees have quickly embraced this approach to doing business and feel empowered to make decisions and act accordingly knowing they will be supported.”

Dairy Specialists, one of three honorees, was selected from a group of 27 finalists, including 13 companies, seven non-profits and seven individuals representing a wide range of industries and community organizations from hospitals and youth agencies to law firms and financial institutions.

Dairy Specialists is one of the largest and most innovative dairy service and supply dealerships in the country. Supplying commercial dairy farms with innovative parlor designs, new construction, remodels and state-of-the-art dairy equipment and dairy waste management technology.

Dairy Specialists consult with their Dairy Customers for SRS Crisafulli’s Trailer Pumps and Remote controlled FLUMP Lagoon Dredges.

As with the agricultural industry , 2008, 2009 and early 2010 were 30 of of the worst months in the last thirty years for the entire dairy industry and specifically for dairy farmers in Colorado. Declining milk prices, increased feed and energy costs, coupled with the failure of one of the largest local dairy industry lenders, New Frontier Bank, led to the perfect storm for Colorado dairy farmers.

The opening of a new Laprino Foods Plant in Greeley will ultimately lead to the need for additional milk generation in the state, which will open up new opportunities for Dairy Specialists to participate in the design and construction of new dairy parlors as well as in the expansion of existing facilities. Ongoing innovations and involvement in bringing green energy and efficient waste management technologies to agriculture and the community as a whole, represent realistic opportunities for growth. The prospects for a good year in 2011 are looking up for the Colorado Dairy Industry.

To learn more about SRS Crisafulli dredge and pump solutions for the agricultural industry click here


To speak with Randy at Dairy Specialists email him at: or visit


If you have a dredging need request a dredge application form here.

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SRS Crisafulli Features Dealer: Titan Machinery

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Mon, Jul 25, 2011 @ 14:07 PM


titan machinery logo

SRS Crisafulli has teamed up with Titan Machinery to offer local product support, maintenance, repair and comprehensive customer service to their customers across the country.

“Our priority is to help our dealers grow their business, and the best way we can do that is to offer them the broadest selection of equipment and the best customer service available,” says Richard C Memhard, Chairman of SRS Crisafulli.

Titan Machinery owns and operates one of the largest networks of full service agricultural and construction equipment stores in the nation, with 87 dealerships nationwide.

The agricultural machinery and attachment equipment 
Titan sells and services runs the gamut from large-scale farming machinery to home and garden equipment. They offer a wide selection of heavy construction and light industry machinery for both commercial and residential construction, road and highway construction and mining applications.

On the construction side of the business, they service a wide range of customers from owner-operators to large fleet customers to the municipal and government markets.

 “Our goal at Titan Machinery is to provide world-class solutions, including pumps and dredges, to our customers.  Crisafulli is a great company with an excellent product.  Leveraging the Crisafulli product line with the Titan Machinery full-service dealership network provides excellent value to our customers.” said, Mike Hall Marketing Manager for Titan Machinery.

To learn more about SRS Crisafullis Product Line, download our DVD here.

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