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The Importance of Mechanical Seals on Pumps

Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 09:08 AM / by Elizabeth Kaiser

Submitted By Dave Stoltenberg, Dredge Rental Specialist with SRS Crisafulli

An in-depth article in the July 2011 issue of WaterWorld describes the wide variety of mechanical seals used for water and wastewater pumps. 

The article "Back to Basics:  Mechanical Seals for Water and Wastewater Pumps", by Allan R. Budris, notes that mechanical seals are the number one cause of pump failures; it discusses the major types of mechanical seals used for water and wastewater pumps and each style's advantages and disadvantages.  Mechanical seal types presented include:  

  • Conventional
  • Pusher
  • Non-Pusher
  • Unbalanced
  • Balanced
  • Cartridge

SRS Crisafulli specializes in pumping slurries, sediments, and sludges - all so-called dirty water.  We continuously strive to ensure our pumps and dredges are equipped with the best and most long-lasting seals available. 


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Elizabeth Kaiser

Written by Elizabeth Kaiser