Case Histories

Diesel/PTO Power Unit

August 2005.  Horseshow Lake Conservation Area Department of Natural Resources, Granite City, Illinois purchased one Crisafulli 16" Humpback, regular lift, industrial duty trailer pump and one Crisafulli diesel/PTO skid mounted power unit together with tubing, hose assembly, and spare parts.

The state agency made the following comments about Crisafulli product quality and customer service - "The Trailer Pump and Power Unit were delivered on time per specifications, and in good condition; the Trailer Pump and Power Unit were good value, performed as expected and met the customer's needs, and replaced earlier models of Crisafulli equipment; Crisafulli's Operations & Maintenance Manuals contained adequate parts/service information, and the customer would buy again from Crisafulli".

The customer said that in its buying decision "these factors were important or very important - the Trailer Pump's and Power Unit's performance, product features, price, warranty overall quality of the product, the knowledgeable and helpful Factory sales person, Crisafulli's brand reputation, and availability of after-sale service and support.  The customer rated these aspects of Crisafulli's customer service as above average - employee's friendliness and courtesy, employee product knowledge, and ease of payment".


Equipment: Trailer Pump, Power Units