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SRS Crisafulli's Laura Fleming asks "Are We Engaged?"

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 08:02 AM

By Laura M. Fleming, SRS Crisafulli CFO and President

An afternoon sitting at the Dulles International Airport, after a 6:00 am Delta flight out of Billings, MT allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite things.  I purchased four books.

And then, two days later, as part of a Saturday afternoon excursion with my 23 year old daughter, we stopped at Barnes & Noble in Danbury, CT and I purchased six more books.

Yes, we are engaged.

Of my new stack of ten books, the one that floated to the top is Jim Clifton’s September, 2011, The Coming Jobs War.

The coming Jobs War resized 600

Jim, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, writes about engagement of employees and of customers in this clear call to action.

On Thursday last week, Jan Falstad, Business Editor/Reporter from the Billings Gazette, and her photographer/ cinematographer Casey Paige visited our facility. 

SRS Crisafulli’s hometown, Glendive, MT, is a burgeoning news zone.  

I heard from Jan Falstad this morning, that it will be a few weeks before our story runs in their paper.  SRS Crisafulli is a simple “good news story” – of steady growth and job creation.  That gives us time to blog about a great writer at the Billings Gazette, and the great questions she asked.

SRS Crisafulli is a story about exporting American-made product.  As Jan, Casey and I walked around the manufacturing facility and offices, we spoke to Engineer Charles Nichols – leaving for Chile to do a dredge installation; Engineer Isaiah Helm scheduled to go to Israel for a dredge installation; Salesperson Tristan Hoff and Chief Draftsman Chad Schipman scheduled to go to Sonora, Mexico for a dredge installation, all within the next 60 days.  SRS Crisafulli employees are engaged to SRS Crisafulli customers.

We are Jim Clifton’s story.

We are hiring!  See positions and how to apply.  We are looking for a few good people to join our team and continue to build a rural success story of expert problem solving, manufacturing and export.

Questions?  Please contact SRS Crisafulli.

See new and used Crisafulli equipment currently in stock.

Read SRS Crisafulli customer case histories and testimonials about Rotomite Dredges.

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SRS Crisafulli's Rugged Roots in Montana

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 15:01 PM

By Elizabeth Kaiser, SRS Crisafulli Marketing Manager

SRS Crisafulli's employees are a mix of deep rooted Montanan families, returned children and transplants.  It seems those who find themselves here share common goals and values, whether it is access to fresh air and wide open landscapes or taking advantage of a current employment boom.  Everyone here also values hard work, the rugged environment, and strong community. 

Montana is the 4th largest U.S. state and yet is the 7th least populous.  Montana's economy is primarily agriculural and resource-based,  with ranching, farming, and mining foremost.  We at SRS Crisafulli are sometimes asked how a dredge manufacturer ever evolved in a dry, land locked, rugged state such as Montana.  We just laugh and explain we worked, we grew, we drew on that rugged initiative that defines Montana.

Northern Montana's Hi-Line
Photograph by William Albert Allard
Two sorrels belonging to Buster and Helen Brown have gone AWOL in the snow.

National Geographic recently published an article exploring the history of Montana's Hi-Line.  The rails were an important factor in that history, and as Montana today is the 3rd least densely populated state, they are still a widely used method of transportation.  "Eventually pavement as well as rails linked those communities, forming a portion of U.S. Highway 2, America's northernmost cross-country ribbon of blacktop. Within Montana, this stretch of road and railway and towns and surrounding landscape became known as the Hi-Line."


07 justin hofeldt railway welder 670 resized 600

Photograph by William Albert Allard
Justin Hofeldt, a welder for BNSF Railway, repairs track near Rudyard. The rails opened this ground to homesteaders, with illusory promises of easy crops and plenty of rain.

SRS Crisafulli's own Maureen Lundman, Sales Manager, hails from Malta, which is part of the Hi-Line.  Born and reared there, she and her 6 brothers and sisters went to school in Malta, her mother managed the household and her father ran the Lumber Yard.  Joel Basta, a SRS Crisafulli Engineer, still works his family's dry land farm operation in Dawson County.  Isaiah Helm, SRS Crisafulli Applications Engineer and his 2 brothers still participate in his family's cattle ranch outside Jordan, Montana.  Larry Hegel, factory foreman and lifetime SRS employee, is the youngest of eight children raised in Glendive. These and many others at SRS Crisafulli have deep roots embedded in the culture and hardworking standards of the area. 

Read more of the National Geographic article, Northern Montana's Hi-Line.

See more of William Albert Allard's pictures of Montana's Hi-Line, Riding Out Another Season

Interested in visiting the factory?  Contact us.

Are you interested in SRS Crisafulli Career Opportunities?

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2012 Economy and the Water Industry

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Jan 11, 2012 @ 09:01 AM

By Elizabeth Kaiser, SRS Crisafulli Marketing Manager

Our economic future is a topic that is on everyone's minds especially as we enter into 2012.  Will our economic future improve?  Will we get our funding?  What are others doing to prepare?

A recent internet search produced interesting results on the topic.  Here are some of the results:

  1. Dealing with Economic Pressures in the Water Industry

  2. Black & Veatch provides recommendations for overcoming economic pressures in the water industry.

  3. Water industry leaders discuss economic pressures at WEFTEC ...

What do these links have in common?  Black & Veatch.  From their website:  Black & Veatch Corporation is a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company with the mission of "Building a World of Difference®".

At the 2011 WEFTEC event in Los Angeles, Black & Veatch introduced their roundtable discussion, Black & Veatch's Water Dialogue with the goal to identify "actions and processes to help water industry leaders manage current economic pressures."

The 2011 WEFTEC roundtable consisted of about 90 water industry 'thought' leaders and produced six key recommendations:

  • Find new business opportunities or revenue streams and then, once identified, put them into play
  • Determine the best source or mix of new and established financing options
  • Facilitate innovation to deal with the “new norm” and to discover the next big idea
  • Collaborate more closely with all stakeholders and create “one voice” for water
  • Reach out to educate the public about water issues
  • Optimize assets to control costs

“Economic pressures have challenged all of us to think differently and develop new strategies,” said Dan McCarthy, President and CEO, Black & Veatch.

About WEFTEC's Technical Programs:  Thousands of water and wastewater professionals attend WEFTEC to learn, network, find out about new products and services, and earn continuing education credit and PDH hours. Cutting-edge technical sessions and workshops address topics including collection systems; membrane technologies; plant operations, treatment, and management; regulations and research; residuals and biosolids; water recycling, and more.

For a solution that fits your requirements and budget, consult with an SRS Crisafulli Applications Engineer or Specialist today.  



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SRS Crisafulli Hosts Miss Montana Contestants for 5th Year

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Thu, Sep 22, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Glendive, Montana has held the Miss Montana Scholarship Program since 2005.  SRS Crisafulli, Inc. signed on as a sponsor in 2006.  We were inspired in part by the model of the Blue Crew from our competitor, Thompson Pump.

Each year SRS Crisafulli invites the contestants to the factory for a tour and a photo shoot.  SRS Crisafulli supports these young women in their goals for higher learning and their community volunteerism. 

The contestants visit is a favorite day at the factory.

This year the Miss Montana Outstanding Teen Contestants also toured the SRS Crisafulli factory and participated in the photo shoot, with great success. 

A full twelve month calendar is in the final planning stages, and will feature the ladies from both groups of contestants. 

Pre-Order SRS Crisafulli's 2012 Miss Montana and Miss Montana Outstanding Teen Calendar.

View some pictures from their visit -use the stop button if they change too quickly.

Congratulations to Miss Montana 2011, Veronika Ohlinger from Cooke City, Montana.  Miss Ohlinger will represent Montana at the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, January, 2012.  She is a Montana ambassador, speaking to schools, conferences and at special events. Her platform is Inspiring America: Dare to Dream.  

Miss Montana-Veronika Ohlinger Miss Montana 2011 Veronika Ohlinger

Jalyssa Gorder of Sidney, Montana was named 2011 Miss Montana's Outstanding Teen at the Miss Montana Scholarship Pageant in Glendive.  Jalyssa won a $1,000 scholarship. Ms. Gorder represented Montana in Orlando, FL at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant in August.

 Miss Montana Outstanding Teen 2011Miss Montana Outstanding Teen 2011 Jalyssa Gorder

SRS Crisafulli congratulates these young women and wishes them all the success in their endeavors.

Visit the Miss Montana website.

To join us and the Glendive and Montana communities in supporting the Miss Montana Scholarship Program by becoming a sponsor, contact:

I.M.A.G.E Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 504
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 939-1392

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55% of Award Projects Based on "Best Value"; SRS Crisafulli Responds

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Mon, Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:08 AM

SRS Crisafulli prides itself on the high quality, reliability and durability of its dredges, pumps and power units.  SRS Crisafulli asserts "Best Value" for its products.  But is "Best Value" always what our customers are looking for? 

header logo1 resized 600The July 2011 Public Works publication titled 'Holding Steady and Looking Ahead' cites poll results from their readers.


“Public private partnerships are an important option that can be utilized in times of economic uncertainty and in periods of prosperity. There is a nexus between the public sector’s needs and the private sector’s goals. Local and state governments, particularly in today’s challenging economic times, need to find innovative ways to improve infrastructure that makes sense to the taxpayer.”
– Doug Domenech, Secretary of Natural Resource of the Commonwealth of Virginia; Source:The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Many of SRS Crisafulli's customers are contractors, engineers, as well as municipal, state and government agencies.   This Public Works article describes the current views of its readers regarding public/private partnerships.

"As budgets shrink, public agencies are exploring alternative project delivery methods.  Arrangements such as public/private partnerships can help fill short-term funding gaps - assuming there are private funds to be had.  Nearly a quarter of Public Works readers have tried a partnership at least once..." Source:  Public Works.
SRS Crisafulli finds this information intriguing. 

We wonder how our customers would answer the same question. 

So we created our own poll.  What do YOU say?  If you bid on government projects, please leave your comments below.

Read the Public Works article.

PUBLIC WORKS Online is part of the Hanley Wood network of construction-industry Web sites.

Are you bidding on a pump or dredge project? Contact us today!

Read SRS Crisafulli customer case histories and testimonials.

Read about SRS Crisafulli's technology and development.

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