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SRS Crisafulli's Laura Fleming on "The Coming Jobs War", Part 2

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Mar 07, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

By Laura M. Fleming, SRS Crisafulli CFO and President

More on The Coming Jobs War  - Polling about the Future

Jim Clifton is singing a very important song about the future.  He sings well.  His notes are clear.  His facts are as straight as a Gallup minute.  His priorities are our priorities – after all, he defined the priorities through his art, polling. 


CNBC Interview with Gallup's Jim Clifton


The Jobs War of 1970-2000

Our family lived through the Jobs War of 1970-2000, a tri-front war among the United States, Japan and Germany.  Jim Clifton claims it was a war nobody covered nor recorded.  In my parents’ house, we did not talk about the Korean War – although my father had served in the US Navy – but, we did talk about the Jobs War.  We were aware of the competition from Japan and Germany and their growing manufacturing superiority. 

My father, investment banker Richard Memhard, (my boss today), was a co-owner of a New Jersey based pile driver manufacturer called MKT Corporation.  I have many of the corporate records in our basement file cabinets.  MKT liquidated its business activity in 1980 in the face of steep competition from manufacturers in Germany and Japan.  The stockholders were able to liquidate their assets.  In fact, that liquidity event created the capital that became the down-payment to acquire the agricultural and oil field reserve pit pump manufacturer, the Crisafulli Pump Company, in 1982.

Mr. Clifton remembers that in 1970 it was strongly predicted that the United States’ growth would slow and Japan’s and Germany’s would soar, dropping America to third in the global GDP ranking, thereby losing its global authority.

Mr. Clifton would like all Americans to know that U.S. GDP today is nearly $15 trillion.  China’s GDP is only $5.745 trillion.  The U.S. GDP is 2.5 times that of China.  Japan’s GDP is third, and Germany is fourth.  

American citizens won the Job War of 1970-2000.  Go Team USA.

The problems that Clifton identifies for the future are growth, tending to global customers, and the American state of mind.   There is also the little problem of health care.

Chapter Eleven:  Fix Healthcare or Destroy Job Creation

According to Clifton, Americans grossly overuse doctors, pills, and all medical services and actually die younger than do the British, French, Canadians, and Germans.  Mr. Clifton does not provide any comparisons to the Chinese health care system, which was recently called The Sick Man of Asia.  Nonetheless, until the currently unaffordable US costs are reversed, and until Americans greatly improve their health behaviors, the country is at too much of a competitive disadvantage to win the global war for good jobs in the current thirty year war.

According to Mr. Clifton, there is no single act of leadership that has bigger money implications than simply doubling the number of fit Americans.  Fit American Manufacturers need to go on parade.

We are working out, Jim, and we love parades. 

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SRS Crisafulli's Laura Fleming asks "Are We Engaged?"

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 08:02 AM

By Laura M. Fleming, SRS Crisafulli CFO and President

An afternoon sitting at the Dulles International Airport, after a 6:00 am Delta flight out of Billings, MT allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite things.  I purchased four books.

And then, two days later, as part of a Saturday afternoon excursion with my 23 year old daughter, we stopped at Barnes & Noble in Danbury, CT and I purchased six more books.

Yes, we are engaged.

Of my new stack of ten books, the one that floated to the top is Jim Clifton’s September, 2011, The Coming Jobs War.

The coming Jobs War resized 600

Jim, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, writes about engagement of employees and of customers in this clear call to action.

On Thursday last week, Jan Falstad, Business Editor/Reporter from the Billings Gazette, and her photographer/ cinematographer Casey Paige visited our facility. 

SRS Crisafulli’s hometown, Glendive, MT, is a burgeoning news zone.  

I heard from Jan Falstad this morning, that it will be a few weeks before our story runs in their paper.  SRS Crisafulli is a simple “good news story” – of steady growth and job creation.  That gives us time to blog about a great writer at the Billings Gazette, and the great questions she asked.

SRS Crisafulli is a story about exporting American-made product.  As Jan, Casey and I walked around the manufacturing facility and offices, we spoke to Engineer Charles Nichols – leaving for Chile to do a dredge installation; Engineer Isaiah Helm scheduled to go to Israel for a dredge installation; Salesperson Tristan Hoff and Chief Draftsman Chad Schipman scheduled to go to Sonora, Mexico for a dredge installation, all within the next 60 days.  SRS Crisafulli employees are engaged to SRS Crisafulli customers.

We are Jim Clifton’s story.

We are hiring!  See positions and how to apply.  We are looking for a few good people to join our team and continue to build a rural success story of expert problem solving, manufacturing and export.

Questions?  Please contact SRS Crisafulli.

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SRS Crisafulli Guest Author David Zamida on Gold Mining (part 2 of 3)

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

Article submitted by David Zamida, Mineral Project Manager and Mining Property Broker for

Waste processing and storage

A good operator first understands the unique characteristics of the mineral deposit under their management. Each deposit is unique, as is the volumes and types of waste streams it will generate. Waste characteristics to be considered include: storage structure integrity, waste chemistry (including interaction with other materials), particle size, shape, hardness, mechanical properties, specific gravity and more. To enable storage facilities to effectively withstand chemical and mechanical stresses, groundwater dynamics and affected aquifers must be identified through a hydrological site study. To ensure that equipment matches the specific working conditions and requirements, company engineers and project managers must work closely with their equipment providers

 gold dredge resized 600SRS Crisafulli FLUMP Dredge
in a Lined Gold Reclamation Lagoon

World class operators understand that reclamation is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to enhance the reputation and image of the industry. On mine closure, up-to-date knowledge, technology and equipment can be used to enhance landform aesthetics and functionality, leaving the land in better condition than when they found it.


About the author


bcgold resized 600Dave Zamida is a Mineral Project Manager and Mining Property Broker for, which launched its first website in 2004, aligning unique mining property assets with market demand.

David’s clients include major, junior, public, private and government agencies. David has earned several accreditations through The University of British Columbia’s NBK Department of Mining Engineering, the British Columbia Institute of Technology and other institutions and is a member of the PDAC and CIM.


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