Trailer, Vertical, and Submersible Pumps

SRS Crisafulli

Crisafulli Trailer, Vertical, and Hydraulic Submersible Pumps.  Excerpts from a 1997 report submitted by Jeffrey A. Simpson, Marshall-Bond, Inc.

Regarding a STORM WATER MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY for the Winnetka, Illinois Department of Public Works.

The Town uses the following Crisafulli equipment to solve its problem:

  • One Crisafulli 12" Humpback Trailer Pump
  • One Crisafulli 16" Vertical PTO Pump
  • One Crisafulli 16" Vertical Electric PTO Pump
  • Three Crisafulli 16" Vertical Electric Pumps
  • One Crisafulli 2-1/2" Hydraulic Submersible Pump
  • One Crisafulli 16" Vertical Electric, 2001.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Transfer storm water from a creek to an adjacent river during periods of high water during storms and spring thawing. The storm water from the creek contains a large amount of debris and sticks.

KEY ELEMENTS OF JOB: The situation during storms and high water runoff was a need to move large amounts of water containing debris in a short amount of time because of the narrow creek width. Also, electric power was frequently unavailable during storms because of power outages.

SOLUTION: The customer first purchased a Crisafulli 12" PTO Humpback Trailer Pump because of its non-electric power requirement, high volume pumping and potential ability to pass debris from the channel.  After using the trailer pump effectively through one storm season, the village purchased a Crisafulli 16" Vertical PTO Pump to supplement the trailer pump for this application. During the same year a new lift station was designed for storm water management at another site in the village. One question was what type of power source (electric or PTO) to use on this application. A Crisafulli 16" Vertical Electric/PTO was chosen. Electric power is cheaper than manning a PTO driven pump, but if electricity is not available the PTO drive still works.

Specification for this project were written around the Crisafulli Pump because of its proven track record with the village. The next year brought the design of an additional three pump storm water stations for the creek to meet the final design and complete pumping requirements for this site. This application was designed by a consulting engineering firm and not by the village as the previous applications were. The engineer chose pumps (not made by Crisafulli) for the application. The complete project cost for the three pumps, lift station and controls was over $100,000.00; equipment only. Some of the village managers were not happy with the final cost after seeing the performance and price of the Crisafulli Pumps in the past on the same application. The project was completed and the runoff had drastically different pumping rates at different heads. There was also some conflict with the engineer's total head condition estimate and the actual total head. These problems are not uncommon for a cast rather than a fabricated pump.

The competitor's pumps were eventually replaced by three Crisafulli 16" Vertical Pumps for about half of the cost of the axial flow pumps. After the success of the Crisafulli Pumps for the village, the decision for them to buy a Crisafulli hydraulic pump for a replacement to an existing competitor's pump was a given. This pump is used by street department personnel to dewater various pits and manholes.

RESULTS:  The Crisafulli Pump line offers a variety of pump configurations, drive designs and control packages to meet the most demanding applications for any client. The fabricated design offers the benefits of flexibility and capability of passing heavy solids and debris without sacrificing flow. Customers have also commented on the simplicity of the pump design and the ease of maintenance of the Crisafulli Pumps.

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