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SRS Crisafulli Saves the Day

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Thu, Sep 08, 2011 @ 08:09 AM

On August 12, 2011 Maureen Lundman, SRS Crisafulli Sales Manager, received an email from SRS Crisafulli customer Mike Henningsen, of Henningsen Construction, Inc. Mike had a dramatic story to tell about how our pump saved his business.  Here are his comments:


Just thought you might like to hear an interesting story about one of your 12" trailer pumps.

We have an asphalt plant north of Council Bluffs, IA that since mid June has been and continues to be surrounded by the Missouri river. We built an 8' to 12' dike around the plant and lined the outside with plastic.

application for SRS Crisafulli trailer pump
Dike lined with plastic

The dike has held out the river for two months, and we expect the 8' to 10' of water surrounding the plant to be there for another month and a half. Oh by the way we are 4 miles from the main river channel. We have seepage around the inside of the milled asphalt dike.

SRS Crisafulli PTO Trailer Pump
SRS Crisafulli trailer pump in action

That water is being pumped out continuously by a tractor turning your (knock on wood) great pump.

We estimate the pump has run 1400 hours straight - the end is not in sight.

tractor for SRS Crisafullitrailer pump
SRS Crisafulli PTO Trailer Pump

We are hopeful tractor and pump keep doing their dutiful job.


Dike pumped by SRS Crisafulli trailer pump
Successfully pumped dike

Your pump has worked flawlessly. Thank you!


For 5 decades SRS Crisafulli has been an integral part in serving customers whose land, businesses, livestock, and peace of mind have been saved with our flood management pumps throughout U.S. and Canada. 


Visit our website to read more testimonials about using SRS Crisafulli Vertical Pumps for flood and stormwater management.

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Click the Play icon to watch trailer pump video.





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The Importance of Mechanical Seals on Pumps

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

Submitted By Dave Stoltenberg, Dredge Rental Specialist with SRS Crisafulli

An in-depth article in the July 2011 issue of WaterWorld describes the wide variety of mechanical seals used for water and wastewater pumps. 

The article "Back to Basics:  Mechanical Seals for Water and Wastewater Pumps", by Allan R. Budris, notes that mechanical seals are the number one cause of pump failures; it discusses the major types of mechanical seals used for water and wastewater pumps and each style's advantages and disadvantages.  Mechanical seal types presented include:  

  • Conventional
  • Pusher
  • Non-Pusher
  • Unbalanced
  • Balanced
  • Cartridge

SRS Crisafulli specializes in pumping slurries, sediments, and sludges - all so-called dirty water.  We continuously strive to ensure our pumps and dredges are equipped with the best and most long-lasting seals available. 


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Rancher Darwin Pfaffinger, Smith-Pfaffinger Ranch says ..."Our Crisafulli Pump is probably the most effective and trouble-free piece of equipment we own."

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SRS Crisafulli Product Spotlight: Slurry Trailer Pump

Posted by Elizabeth Kaiser on Mon, Jul 25, 2011 @ 15:07 PM

slurry pumpToday's SRS Crisafulli Slurry Pumps are the latest versions of a 40-year tradition - i.e., building highly efficient, rugged long lasting slurry pumps for use in agricultural waste pits.

SRS Crisafulli Slurry Pumps also work well for refineries, municipalities and geothermal plants.

Discover the versatility and productivity of SRS Crisafulli Slurry Pumps when used to remove viscous wastes from your ponds and lagoons.

See Video of Slurry Trailer Pump in action here.


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