Crisafulli Trailer Pumps

16 Inch Trailer Pump
Crisafulli Humpback Trailer Pump

Rugged, reliable, versatile Crisafulli Trailer Pumps move millions of gallons of water at locations around the world. Crisafulli Trailer Pumps are offered as PTO Powered or as Self-Powered. Crisafulli PTO powered Trailer Pumps are driven from the power take-off (PTO) fitting on any tractor, and are offered as 540 RPM (revolutions per minute) models or 1,000 RPM models. Crisafulli Self-Powered Trailer Pumps are powered by electric motors, or gas, diesel, or propane fueled engines mounted on the pump frame, or by a Crisafulli Power Unit. Crisafulli offers PTO powered trailer pumps in four models - Humpback™, Short Hitch, Three Point Hitch, and PTO Slurry Pumps, with a wide range of pump sizes, flows, and head capacities (ranging up to 18,000 gallons per minute and more than 50 feet of head) for each model.

SRS Crisafulli Humpback Trailer Pump in Action
Crisafulli Diesel-On-Frame Trailer pump pumping water fram a pond.

Some Common Applications

Canals, cranberry farms, dewatering, ditches, fisheries, flood control, industrial waste removal, irrigation, mines, municipal lagoons, sand and gravel pits, tailwater, wildlife refuges. Trailer Pump portability is cited by customers as a true benefit.

Pump Size
RPM Impeller Flow GPM TDH Feet Horse Power
16540 Regular 7,000 20 75
High 9,000 30 150
1,000 Regular 6,500 60 175
High 7,000 70 225
12540 Regular3,000 20 30
Intermediate 4,000 30 75
High 4,000 40 125
1,000 Regular 5,00060 150
10540 Regular 2,250 2030
Intermediate 3,0003075
High 4,000 40100
8540 Regular 1,750 20 25
Intermediate 2,0003050
High 2,500 4075
1,000 Regular 3,000 80 125
6540 Regular 1,250 2020
Intermediate 1,500 30 30
High 1,600 4050
4540 Regular 600 2010
Intermediate 650 30 15
High 700 40 25
All numbers are at best effiency points for the pumps.


Features and Benefits

Crisafulli impellerA choice of unique impeller designs gives you more flexibility; the closed impeller moves a high volume of water, while the open impeller can handle slurries, trash, dirt and solids.

Crisafulli impellerCrisafulli Trailer Pumps are fabricated and customized specifically to your needs. While there are higher efficiency pumps out there for clean water, they often can't handle the variety of materials Crisafulli Pumps can handle. When the water is dirty, you can count on a Crisafulli Pump to handle the grit without seizing.

Crisafulli impellerBecause Crisafulli Pumps come in a variety of configurations, you'll always find a match for your needs.

Crisafulli impellerAdd a a slurry gate to make your pump a powerful mixer. Open the gate to mix, then close it to pump away the slurry.

Crisafulli impellerIf you don't want to use the power take-off on your tractor or other equipment for your trailer pumps, add a Crisafulli Power Unit. Put power right on the pump frame; choose diesel, electric, gas or LP fuel. Or put a trailer or skid mounted Crisafulli Power Unit to work alongside your Crisafulli Trailer Pump.

Crisafulli impellerSteel construction. Crisafulli Trailer pumps are built from 3/8" (industrial) mild carbon steel for durability and strength.

Crisafulli impellerCrisafulli Trailer Pumps are built on single axle trailers with heavy duty drive shafts which enable you to move your trailer pump from site to site easily and safely.

Crisafulli impellerSealed or waterlube bearings - Crisafulli Trailer Pumps are custom-designed to match the kind of material you pump.

Crisafulli impellerCrisafulli offers a full range of options to match your volume needs with discharge sizes from 4" to 24".

Crisafulli impellerCrisafulli Trailer Pump speed is matched to your PTO - 540 RPM is standard, but we also offer 1,000 RPM.

Crisafulli impellerAfter 50 years, customers still say "Crisafulli is the best." Crisafulli Trailer Pumps are customizable. Choose special materials of construction, power source, bearings and suction.

Crisafulli impellerEach Crisafulli Trailer Pump has a Crisafulli Impeller Inside - your assurance of quality, performance, reliability and long useful life