Slurry Trailer Pumps

Agitate, mix and pump most viscous or solidified sludges from industrial, municipal and agricultural waste lagoons with a SRS Crisafulli slurry pump. The pumps also work well for refineries, municipalities and geothermal plants.


An operator can slurry and clean a 200 X 200 foot 8-foot deep pond in 6 hours with a Crisafulli slurry pump. Mixing rates up to 10,000 gallons per minute. Pumping rates up to 9,000 gallons per minute.

Operation of the Slurry Pump. Crisafulli has engineered its Slurry Pump with a "Slurry Gate" which the operator opens to agitate, mix, and slurry the pond. The submersible centrifugal pump draws solids and liquids into the pump, blends and discharges the material through the slurry gate. The operator closes the slurry gate hydraulically and pumps the material at high volume out of the lagoon to a receiving tank, receiving vehicle or to another lagoon.

No separate agitator or mixer pumps are needed.

Feature Standard Slurry Master Blaster
Hydraulically actuated slurry gate Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
A 7 foot wide single wheel base Crisafulli impeller  
An 8 foot wide dual wheel base   Crisafulli impeller
Stabilizer wheel arm to eliminate side shift and tipping while slurrying   Crisafulli impeller
Extended discharge pipe for easy hose connections Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Patented bearing protection system protection system protects submerged shaft Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Remote lube lines enable operator to grease bearings while operating Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Swing out control valve moves operator away from rotating PTO shaft Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Hydraulically controlled lift axle 3 Foot 7 Foot
Hydraulically adjustable aeration nozzle distributes nutrients evenly to clear overgrown areas   Crisafulli impeller
Discharge nozzle adjusts to 74 degrees of vertical movement and 320 degrees of rotation   Crisafulli impeller
Articulation base hitch increases freedom of movement Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
(540 RPM)
Max. HP
@ 20' TDH
Mixing Rate
Pumping Rate
GPM@ 20' TDH
4" 35 1,080 940
6" 64 2,400 2,050
8" 80 3,250 2,800
12" 140 6,800 5,300
16" 225 10,000 9,000