Rotomite 6000 CD - Abrasive Dredges

Self-propelled, manned, 6" all purpose diesel powered dredges for soft and highly abrasive slurries

Why All Purpose. SRS Crisafulli’s new all-purpose Rotomite 6000 CD (R6CD) dredge, powered by a 275 Continuous Horsepower diesel engine, is engineered for a full range of dredging applications from soft to highly abrasive material and slurries, including sand and gravel. Incorporating many design features from the successful Rotomite 6000, the Rotomite 6000 CD achieves very high productivity, coupled with relatively low cost resulting in an rapid ROI (Return On Investment). The Rotomite-6000 CD is designed for customer convenience and safety, with a forward mounted heated & air-conditioned operator’s cab with 360-degree visibility, and a safety guardrail surrounding the dredge.

See videos of Crisafulli Rotomite-6000 CD/CE Dredges

Key Benefits of Rotomite 6000 CD Ownership

  • Able to dredge abrasive materials, like sand.
  • Cast Pump
  • Powered by a diesel John Deere engine, with service centers worldwide.
  • Sophisticated instrumentation options measure dredging performance.
  • High solids dredging performance with minimum turbidity
  • Easily transported to multiple sites
  • Reliable and manufactured to last
  • Superior after-sale support from Crisafulli worldwide

Dredge Rentals Many domestic and Canadian customers rent Crisafulli’s Rotomite and FLUMP dredges on short-term leases, and, after becoming familiar with the productive capabilities of the dredges, buy them.

Rotomite 6000CDAbrasive 6" Dredge
Pump Flow Rate 2,000 GPM at 100 Feet TDH
Productivity 150 Cubic Yards Per Hour of Solids
Maximum Excavation Depth 20 Feet (6.09 M)
Maximum Excavation Speed 10 Feet Per Minute
Length (Overall) 39.5 Feet (12.04M)
Weight 26,000 lbs (11,793 Kg)
Engine HP (Continuous) 275HP @ 2200 RPM
Cutterhead Width 9.7 Feet (2.9 M)
Fuel Consumption (Maximum) 12.3 Gallons Per Hour
Dredge Controls Sludge Pump Speed, Cutterhead Depth, Cutterhead Atriculation, Threster Depth, Work Lights, Cab Climate Control