Crisafulli offers 72 standard models of its electric submersible self-priming pumps in sizes from 2 inches to 6 inches, with flow capacities between 40 GPM and 3,000 GPM, with Total Dynamic Heads (TDH) between 20 feet and 270 feet, and solids passing capabilities to 3 inches.

Some Common Applications:

Removal of industrial and municipal effluents, mine tailings, raw sewage, and storm water.

Crisafulli first designed this line of Submersible electric pumps to match the remarkable performance of our hydraulic pump line, but with the added convenience of electric power.

Replace your old submersibles with a Crisafulli Submersible Electric Pump, with a Crisafulli Impeller Inside. Our dependable pumps can be less expensive than repairing your old submersible. Built to handle industrial and municipal wastes, your Crisafulli Submersible will solve those tough sewage, storm and flood problems. Standard or custom models.

If the material to be pumped is found in a pit or sump, and you want easy access for routine maintenance and/or repairs on the pump, ask for your Crisafulli Submersible Electric pump to be equipped with a guide rail system. A guide rail allows you to bring the pump to the surface rather than having an operator enter a confined space. Operator safety is assured.