Diesel-On-Frame Long Hitch L-Series Trailer Pumps

Trailer Pump Diesel-On-Frame FLOWS TO 8,600 GPM AT 30' TDH
Crisafulli Diesel-On-Frame Trailer Pump, a self-sufficient trailer with its own power source

Standard models of SRS Crisafulli's Diesel-On-Frame Trailer Pumps are available with diesel engines in horsepowers ranging from 55-170, for use on 6" to 16" discharge trailer mounted pumps. All engines are Deutz air cooled models. Power units include a new diesel engine complete with exhaust piping, rain cap, starting battery, emergency shutdown system and 10 hour fuel reservoir. Engines are mounted on a heavy-duty frame adapter. An inline speed reduction box with safety guards reduces engine speed to pump speed of 540 RPM (nominal). Other reduction ratios are available as engine horsepower allows. Shaft size for the 6" model is 1 -1/2 inches. Shaft sizes on other models shown below are 2". Five stardard models shown below provide customers with BEST VALUE (most performance for the cost). ;Other combinations of motors and impellers are available for custom orders.

NOTE: The DOF trailer pumps are not DOT approved for travel on public roads.

Pump Size
Flow GPM TDH Feet Description Est. weight
16 8600 30 Regular Lift 89 HP Engine 540 RPM pump 5,800
16 8600 15 High Lift 160 HP Engine 540 RPM pump 6,200
12 6000 25 High Lift 134 HP Engine 540 RPM pump 5,800
8 3150 30 High Lift 68 HP Engine 540 RPM pump 5,400
6 2100 30 High Lift 50 HP Engine 540 RPM pump 4,800

    Standard Options

  • Water lube bearings for the last two submerged bearings; use only in applications where water is relatively clear of grit.
  • Bearing buddies - Prevent water intrusion in wheel bearings of trailer
  • Flanged Swivel Discharge - Enables the operator to orient the discharge tubing in whatever direction is convenient.
  • Quick Coupler Discharge - An alternative method of attaching flexible discharge tubing
  • 1/2 inch Flange discharge - An alternative method of attaching flexible tubing
  • Snifter valve - Prevents vacuum in discharge tubing to avoid collapse.