SRS Crisafulli Self-Propelled Rotomite-6000 DredgePortable Rotomite-6000 with Pivoting Traverse System mounted on top. Dredge lagoons, lakes, canals, sludges, or slurries with self-propelled Rotomite Dredges. Self-propelled diesel dredges can dredge about anywhere without cumbersome cabling.

Rotomite 6000s are diesel powered and engineered for low cost high productivity removal of soft to mildly abrasive slurries. Rotomite 6000 CDs are diesel powered and engineered to remove the full range of material from soft to highly abrasive, such as sand. Rotomite-6000 CEs are electric powered and dredge soft-to abrasive materials. Rotomite SD110s are smaller dredges engineered for applications in shallow water – I. e, marinas.

Operating Efficiencies and Costs. All Rotomites are self-propelled to provide unparalleled control and flexibility afloat. On land, Rotomites are easily portable at highway speeds by truck. You can dredge in any shape pond, lake or lagoon. Rotomites eliminate the need for cable control systems or expensive support vessels or spuds. Rotomites can be operated by one man thereby reducing operating costs as compared to competitive dredges. Custom engineered Rotomites can be radio-remote controlled from the shore.

Coupled with the Crisafulli sludge pump, the Rotomite's 275 HP John Deere power plant delivers efficient, continuous productivity; you can rely on up to 2,300 gal/min pumping capacity to ensure that your work day is uninterrupted by refueling. Rotomites have fuel tank capacity for 10 hours of continuous operation. 

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