Unmatched Versatility

Fuel capacity. 10 hour diesel fuel capacity (dual tanks with switch over).

Pump option. The Rotomite SD-110 is also available with a Chrome Carbide Crisafulli 4” J-Series pump for additional abrasion resistance.

Operator’s station with: Aluminum frame construction, canvas canopy over Operator Station, steering wheel and hydraulic control levers, a foam cushioned, vinyl fabric-backed covered operator’s seat, with adjustable height.

Operator controls. Helm and operational controls, hydraulic ram pivot system for additional maneuverability.

The Rotomite SD-110's Crisafulli Cobra cutterhead with 11,000 inch/pounds of cutting torque, and Crisafulli's 4” J-Series, submersible, variable speed, hydraulic dredge pump capable of processing 85 cubic yards of sludge from depths up to 12 feet are packaged in a lightweight (9,000 pounds), small (24 x 8 foot) self-propelled pontoon hull that draws only 17 inches of water for maximum versatility and performance. The dual prop hydraulic thruster system provides forward and reverse thrust and can turn 160 degrees resulting in extraordinary maneuverability.

Discharge Distance. The actual distance in a particular application depends on several variables including: the nature of the slurry – i. e., the specific gravity, weight, and concentration of solids in the slurry, the model and power of the dredge, the size of the discharge pipe, the topography of the land over which the slurry is pumped – i. e., vertical elevation change from the dredge to the discharge site, whether or not a booster pump is installed in the discharge line, and, perhaps most importantly, the experience and skill of the dredge operator.

Rotomite SD-110 side-casting sedimentation dreged from the Missouri River, Montana