Rotomite 6000

The Rotomite 6000 is Crisafulli's full feature dredge.

Great visibility. The Operator has a clear view of dredging operations from the forward positioned cab with large windows on all four sides. The cab with A/C and heat is accessible from either side of the dredge for improved convenience, productivity, and safety.

The operator can articulate the cutterhead to keep the cutting teeth at right angles to the face of the dredged material. Coupled with the hydraulically powered ladder, which uses the dredges weight, our dredge can break up settled solids, and dig down if required.

The hydraulic thruster on the Rotomite 6000 generates 1,000 lbs of thrust, which allows the dredge to handle most applications. For tougher material, the Rotomite 6000 has a cable traverse system, which genreates 4,000 lbs of thrust, using a tenth of the horse power.

Key Benefits of Rotomite 6000 Ownership

  • Powered by a diesel John Deere engine, with service centers worldwide
  • Sophisticated instrumentation options measure dredging performance
  • High solids dredging performance with minimum turbidity
  • Easily transported to multiple sites
  • Comfortable cab, with optional sound system
  • Reliable and manufactured to last
  • Superior after-sale support from Crisafulli worldwide

Rotomite 6000

Maximum Dredging Depth: 20'
Cutterhead width: 102"
Weight: 18000 lbs
Length: 32.5'
Width: 8.5'
Height: 9.6'
Draft: 27"
Pontoon Material: Steel
Horse Power: 275
GPM: 2000
Cubic Yards Per Hour: 150
Operator on Board: Yes
Cab: Yes
Cabled Traverse: Optional
Self Propelled: Yes