Siphon Manifold Front-End on FLUMPs

Siphon Manifold on FLUMP at WTP
City of Charleston's FLUMP with the custom siphon manifold

The siphon front-end to the FLUMP was developed by a customer - i.e., Hanahan Water Treatment Plant, Commissioners of Public Works, City of Charleston, South Carolina, to remove settled solids from two primary settlings basins at the Hanahan Water Treatment Plant. We quote from sections of the Commissioners' remarks.

"The two basins were built around 1904 and had no provisions for removal of settled solids other than draining the entire contents. These basins contain approximately six million gallons each and produce twenty-two million gallons of treated water per day each. The draining of either of these units every four months caused immense loading problems for our solids handling facility, not to mention the loss of a major portion of our water production capacity. This often occurred during peak demand periods when volume and water quality were critical."

"We began looking at sludge dredges but were very cautious of cutter heads that might disturb the settled solids blanket affecting water quality. Our goal was simple. Remove the solids on a continuous basis without affecting water quality and keep both basins in service while this was being performed."

"We purchased a standard duty (Crisafulli) FLUMP and removed and replaced the cutter head with a siphon manifold. We were able to remove solids at a rate of 300 to 500 gallons per minute on a daily basis without affecting water quality. Shortly, we purchased a second FLUMP and made the same modification. The use of these two units has allowed us to solve two major problems at the Hanahan Water Treatment Plant":

(a) Keeping the two major basins in service while we remove solids on a continuous basis, and

(b) Eliminating a frequent solids loading problem enabling our solids handling facility to function as designed without overload. Now, with the use of the modified standard duty FLUMPs, we only drain the basins annually for a scheduled routine cleaning and maintenance."

The siphon manifold front-end is available through Crisafulli Dredges.