Automation Options for FLUMP Control Systems

  • The Crisafulli FLUMP is an unmanned dredge connected by cable to an electrical power source. The FLUMP can be controlled manually by a full-time operator, or, alternatively, remotely and automatically by a part-time operator for lower labor costs and maximum solids production. Crisafulli offers two basic levels of FLUMP automation - manual or automated. In addition, Crisafulli offers custom configurations of the control system.
  • The fully automated FLUMP provides computerized control of the pump speed, and, via convenient push button control, dredge travel, working depth, and assures consistent solids density output. The operator can control the FLUMP from a control panel on-shore, or with a hand-held radio remote.
  • Choose a fully automated FLUMP to gain labor savings and improved efficiency with computerized control of your entire dredging operation. The operator determines the desired solids density and flow-rate, enters the performance specifications into the PLC via a convenient keypad.
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FLUMP Control System - Options for Automation

FEATURES Manual Flump Automated Flump
Control Method
Hand Held Radio Yes Yes
Touch Screen Display No Optional
Manual Control
Traverse Speed Control Yes Yes
Sludge Pump Speed Control Optional Optional
Cutter Head Speed Optional Optional
Manual Depth Control Yes Yes
Automated Control
Automated Traverse Speed Control No Yes
Automated Sludge Pump Speed Control No Yes
Automated Depth Control No Yes
Automated Control Loops
Automated Sequencing No Yes
Sludge Density Control No Optional with SCADA
Slurry Flow Control Optional Optional
Depth Control No Yes
Lateral Traverse Control
Manual Lateral Position Control Yes Yes
Electric Lateral Control Optional Optional
Stack Light: Power On Yes Yes
Stack Light: Radio Control On Yes Yes
Stack Light: Fault Yes Yes
Stack Light: Flump Running Yes Yes
Stack Light: Flump Running in Automatic Sequence No Yes
Cutter Head Clogged: Stack Light: Fault Light Indication Yes Yes
Discharge Pressure: Stack Light: Fault Light Indication Optional Optional
Sludge Pump Speed: Dial Indicator Optional Optional
Cutterhead Depth Optional Yes
Traverse Speed: Dial Indicator Yes Yes
All of the above on a touch screen display No Optional
Other - Available Upon Request Optional Optional
VFD Motor Control
Traverse Motor Yes Yes
Hoist Motor Yes Yes
Cutterhead Motor No No
Sludge Pump Motor Optional Optional
Nema 3R Standard Standard
Nema 4 Optional Optional
Nema 4X Optional Optional