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Vertical Pumps flows to 18,000 GPM, TDHs to 280 feet, solids passing to 5.5 inches
Crisafulli Vertical Pump installed at customer site
  • Storm water management for Winnetka, Illinois Department of Public Works
    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: To transfer storm water from a creek and adjacent river during periods of high water, storms and spring thawing. The stormwater from the creek contains a large amount of debris and sticks.
  • Gregerson's Colorado Dairy Farm, running 1,500 head, moves liquid manures, fluids and sludges with four Crisafulli pumps: two electric vertical pumps, a six-inch PTO trailer mounted pump, and a 7.5 horsepower electric lift pump.
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and 27 Crisafulli Vertical Pumps in sizes ranging from 10" to 16" for flood control applications along the Red River Valley of the North.
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources purchased a Crisafulli 16" L-Series vertical pump, dual drive (gear and belt), and accessories.