Trailer Pumps Case Histories and Testimonials

PTO Powered, Trailer Pump, Irrigation, Flood Control
Crisafulli PTO powered 16" Humpback Trailer Pump

Farmer Lyle Pickthorn says, "My Crisafulli Trailer Pump has served me well for 15 years. Not one thing has gone wrong...  One word of caution: be sure you have a good supply of water and a long ditch."

Rancher Darwin Pfaffinger, Smith-Pfaffinger Ranch says, "(Our Crisafulli Pump) is probably the most effective and trouble-free piece of equipment we own."

How to install discharge tubing on a Crisafulli Trailer Pump

Crisafulli Trailer Pumps

Crisafulli Slurry Trailer Pumps

  • STORM WATER MANAGEMENTfor Winnetka, Illinois Department of Public Works. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Transfer storm water from a creek and adjacent river during periods of high water, storms and spring thawing. The stormwater from the creek contains a large amount of debris and sticks.
  • Gregerson's Colorado Dairy Farm, running 1,500 head, moves liquid manures, fluids and sludges with four Crisafulli pumps: two electric vertical pumps, a six-inch PTO trailer mounted pump, and a 7.5 horsepower electric lift pump.
  • Pike's Hunting Club promises the finest duck hunting you will find anywhere - aided by planned water management and Crisafulli Pumps
  • Dutchtown Farms of Shamong, New Jersey purchased a Crisafulli 12" high lift agricultural duty trailer pump
  • Tessman Brothers Irrigation, Warren, WI purchased a Crisafulli 16" humpback trailer pump and a Crisafulli 12" humpback trailer pump, and made the following observations.
  • Horseshow Lake Conservation purchased one Crisafulli 16" Humpback, regular lift, industrial duty trailer pump and one Crisafulli diesel/PTO skid mounted power unit together with tubing, hose assembly, and spare parts.
  • Ducks Unlimited of North Dakota Portable Pumping Units Case Study.