Dredging Contractor Using Rotomite 6000

Portable, versatile Rotomite-6000 on lowboy for high speed transport by truck.
Crisafulli Rotomite-6000 on truck for transport to job site

Customer: Georgia Dredging And Dewatering/Eco-Vac

Contacts: Jay Matthews and David Grapengeter

Type of Facility: Environmental services & turnkey dredging & dewatering services

Georgia Dredging and Dewatering developed out of the need to provide contract services other than those previously provided by vacuuming and jetting alone.

David Grapengeter, President of ECO-VAC, Inc., and Jay Matthews teamed up to build a strong full-service dredging and dewatering company capable of meeting the needs of industrial, municipal and agricultural applications.

Georgia Dredging came to SRS Crisafulli asking how to get into the dredging and dewatering business. Several meetings later, the principals decided to invest in a dredging system and a dewatering device. The system had to be completely portable as they were intent on doing work anywhere they could secure projects.

The ROTOMITE-6000 was the perfect choice for their needs. The unit was ordered with the most durable floating discharge pipe available for long life under 'load and unload' applications. The polyethylene pipe with integral foam flotation system insured them a complete system that would be long lasting and durable.

The SRS - Sludge Removal System - provided by SRS Crisafulli is the backbone of Georgia Dewatering's successful portable field operations. Eco-Vac President and Owner, David Grapengeter, reports that the ROTOMITE has the capacity to take out a large amount of solids in a short time. The ROTOMITE-6000 had remained busy since its delivery in the Spring of 2002 to a municipal job site in northern Georgia. The owners are now looking at maintaining marinas, as well as municipal water and wastewater ponds, in Georgia and contiguous states.

Jay Matthews, President, says of his ROTOMITE-6000, "It's a great machine. Feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference."

Brad M. Kaplan, National Sales Manager, May 22, 2003