iconCrisafulli uses cutting edge technology to design products with proven engineering principles, aided by 3-D solid modeling software to determine material interferences and material properties, such as estimated weight and center of gravity. Crisafulli uses cutting edge manufacturing techniques such as a CNC controlled burn center. Material optimization methods reduce waste, keep costs low, and preserve our natural resources. Cutting edge manual and auto nesting software for the burn center is one example of how Crisafulli provides the best value engineered products to its customers.  Crisafulli also applies many lean manufacturing principles. Lean methods reduce waste and streamline multiple branches of our Company from the materials department through manufacturing and shipping. Continuous improvement and application of cutting edge technology guarantee Crisafulli will provide great products and exceptional service to our customers for years to come.

Crisafulli has a tightly managed, continuous program to upgrade its product line and to strengthen the Company’s engineering and manufacturing technology, all aimed at providing customers with "Best Value".