Crisafulli manufactures reliable products.

A 50 year tradition. Reliable is rooted in the Crisafulli philosophy going back to the Company’s beginning when three Crisafulli brothers started Crisafulli Pump Company to build pumps to irrigate their own farms and ranches along the Yellowstone River in Eastern Montana. Naturally, building pumps for themselves, reliability was their priority. Today, that attitude is imbued in Company personnel in all parts of the business. Building reliable products is second nature for the Crisafulli staff.

Practical backgrounds. Many Company engineering and manufacturing personnel grew up on the farms and ranches of Montana and Wyoming where working outdoors with heavy machinery is a way of life. These men and women have to depend on their machinery in the field for their personal safety and to enable them to get their day’s work done before sunset.

Long-service staff. Low turnover and many long-service employees help sustain the Company’s emphasis on building reliable products. In the shop, 70% of the staff has more than ten years of service, including the Shop Foreman who has thirty years of service. Our former Sales Manager had twenty-six years of service before her recent retirement.

Graduate engineers on staff. The Company employs graduate engineers in sales, engineering, and manufacturing. These engineers are trained to design, build, and sell reliable products.

Established product line. Many of the Company’s products have been active in the product line for years. The Company refines and improves these products continuously, always seeking  to provide customer with “Best Value.” Reliability is a big part of the value equation at Crisafulli.

Established supply chain. SRS Crisafulli has well established supply lines with vendors thoroughly familiar with our requirements.

Established procedures. For years, we have had carefully crafted procedures aimed at building products to plans and specifications drawn by professional engineers.

Strong financial position. A strong financial position enables Crisafulli to operate in a stable atmosphere with an absence of crisis. We can and do focus on quality and attention to detail.

Modest warranty costs. The Company’s modest annual warranty cost is evidence of the success of Crisafulli’s focus on building reliable products.