PTO Powered Slurry Trailer Pumps

One SRS Crisafulli Slurry Pump does it all.

Mix, Slurry, Pump and Nozzle Discharge

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PTO/Slurry Trailer Pump, mixing rate 10,000 GPM, pump to 9,000 GPM, nozzle discharge to 105'.

SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions To remove water, soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas. And to irrigate farms and ranches.

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Applications. Agitate, mix and pump most viscous or solidified sludges from industrial, municipal and agricultural waste lagoons with a SRS Crisafulli slurry pump.  The pumps also work well for refineries, municipalities and geothermal plants.

Productivity.  An operator can slurry and clean a 200 X 200 foot 8-foot deep pond in 6 hours with a SRS Crisafulli slurry pump.

Mixing rates up to 10,000 gallons per minute.  Pumping rates up to 9,000 gallons per minute.

Our most modern technology. Today's SRS Crisafulli PTO Powered Slurry Pump is our latest version after 40 years building efficient, rugged, long lasting slurry pumps to clean agricultural waste pits.  Standard models include pump discharge sizes of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 inches.

Simple. Just back your SRS Crisafulli Slurry Trailer Pump into a lagoon, engage the PTO of your tractor or Power Unit, then slurry and pump.

 slurry trailer pump

Submersed Slurry Gate in

Heavily Overgrown Lagoon


Operation of the Slurry Pump. SRS Crisafulli has engineered its Slurry Pump with a "Slurry Gate" which the operator opens to agitate, mix, and slurry the pond. The submersible centrifugal pump draws solids and liquids into the pump, blends and discharges the material through the slurry gate.  The operator closes the slurry gate hydraulically and pumps the material at high volume out of the lagoon to a receiving tank, receiving vehicle or to another lagoon.

No separate agitator or mixer pumps are needed.

Quality and Reliability Standards.  SRS Crisafulli builds its pumps to industrial standards from heavy structural steel tubing, and builds its casing material and impellers from 3/8" steel plate, for long, useful lives even in abrasive environments.



The pumps lead their class compared to lighter, less efficient lagoon pumps.

  • SRS Crisafulli slurry pumps agitate, blend and pump millions of gallons of the thickest bentonite, fly ash, raw sewage or animal waste without damage to the pumps.

  • SRS Crisafulli self-priming pumps have no screens, suction hose or check valves.

Custom designs are offered when standard models don't serve the customer's needs.

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slurry trailer pump

Up to 105 Foot Nozzle Discharge

SRS Crisafulli's Sludge and slurry system uses a "Slurry Gate" which the operator opens to agitate and slurry the pond.

slurry gate
Slurry Gate shown with
Nozzle and Impellor housing

slurry gate closed
Slurry Gate Closed

slurry gate open
Slurry Gate Open

Download Slurry Trailer Pump PDF - click image below.

slurry trailer pump PDF

Slurry Trailer Pump Comments


Mixing Rate - up to 10,000 GPM
Pumping - up to 9,000 GPM @ 20' TDH
Nozzle discharge up to 105 feet
Operator can control functions remotely from tractor cab for greater convenience
Hydraulically adjustable aeration nozzle to distribute nutrients evenly and to clear over-grown areas
Rugged platform for increased versatility and long life

Product Comparison

Feature SRS Crisafulli       Houle     
Slurry Gate Yes No No No
Factory Direct Customization
Yes  No No No
Elimination of Gear Box
Yes No Yes No
Operable at Full RPM Yes No  No No


slurry trailer pump
Hydraulic Double Wheel Axle with 7 foot lift



Standard Slurry
Master Blaster
Hydraulically actuated slurry gate Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
A 7 foot wide single wheel base Crisafulli impeller  
An 8 foot wide dual wheel base   Crisafulli impeller
Stabilizer wheel arm to eliminate side shift and tipping while slurrying   Crisafulli impeller
Extended discharge pipe for easy hose connections Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Patented bearing protection system protection system protects submerged shaft Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Remote lube lines enable operator to grease bearings while operating Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Swing out control valve moves operator away from rotating PTO shaft Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller
Hydraulically controlled lift axle  3 Foot 7 Foot
Hydraulically adjustable aeration nozzle distributes nutrients evenly to clear overgrown areas    Crisafulli impeller
Discharge nozzle adjusts to 74 degrees of vertical movement and 320 degrees of rotation    Crisafulli impeller
Articulation base hitch increases freedom of movement Crisafulli impeller Crisafulli impeller



(540 RPM)

Max. HP
@ 20' TDH

Mixing Rate

Pumping Rate
GPM@ 20' TDH

 HBO4HISM 35 1,080 940
 HBO6HISM 64 2,400 2,050
 HBO8HISM 80 3,250 2,800
 HB12HISM 140 6,800 5,300
 HB16HISM 225 10,000  9,000

 *Table based on 8" discharge in clear water