Radio Remote Controlled Portable FLUMP


           Radio Remote Controlled, Automated, Portable FLUMP dredge.

SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions - To remove water, soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas. And to irrigate farms and ranches.

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Dredge RentalsMany domestic and Canadian customers rent Crisafulli’s Rotomite and FLUMP dredges on short-term leases, and, after becoming familiar with the productive capabilities of the dredges, buy them.

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Shown above, Crisafulli’s 3-inch severe duty FLUMP operated by hand-held radio remote control system (note operator on embankment) that can operate the FLUMP from more than 1,500 feet away at a Municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Crisafulli FLUMPs enable Municipal Managers to continuously remove settled solids in their ponds without compromising their plants' ability to perform - i.e., to remove settled solids from a pond without draining the pond or taking the pond out of service. With dredging depths to 12 feet (custom depths to 30 feet), dual opposing auger sections that provide 5,500 -11,000 inch/lbs. of digging torque, and up to 7.5 foot wide dredge cuts by the Crisafulli “Cobra” cutterhead, the FLUMP can process up to 150 cubic yards of sludge per hour.

Municipal and Industrial plant Managers count on Crisafulli dredges to save them time and money and to get the job done.

The Crisafulli FLUMP is the result of more than twenty years of experience perfecting this highly reliable and cost effective sludge removal system.