Crisafulli Electric-On-Frame Long Hitch L-Series Trailer Pumps

Trailer Pump Electric-On-Frame Flows to 8,600 GPM at 30' TDH

Performance capabilities. If electricity is available at your work site, Crisafulli’s sealed electric motors provide quiet, efficient pumping power. The pumps can be used at any angle up to vertical. Regular Lift 16” L-Series pumping clear water produce 6000 GPM @ 15’ of Total Dynamic Head (TDH), and 8600 @ 15’ of TDH, respectively, with 60 HP and 75 HP models. High Lift models pump 6000 and 8600 GPM @ 30’ TDH, respectively, with 125 HP and 150 HP motors. Each model of the pump can pass 5 1/2” solids.

The pumps work with a range of motor horsepower (HP) from 20 HP to 300 HP. Motors are 1,750 RPM, 60 cycle, three phase, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) energy efficient, squirrel cage, A.C. induction type. Pump and motor are mounted on a 21’ long, single axle trailer with a heavy duty 2.0” (2 7/16” on 75, 125, and 150 HP units) driveshaft supported by five sealed, anti-friction ball bearings (six on double suction pumps), with remote grease lines extended to the front of the pump, belt & sheave speed reduction, sheave guard, adjustable motor mount, two bearing protection systems (four on double suction pumps), pin-type hitch, trailer jack and a 12’ long discharge pipe with an oval band to adapt to Crisafulli™ discharge tubing. The pump’s main drive shaft is extended for alternate use with a PTO driveshaft in the event of power loss.

NOTE: The trailer units are not DOT approved for travel on public roads.

Pump Size
Flow - GPM TDH - Feet Description Est. weight - pounds
16 6000 15 Regular Lift 60 HP Motor 485 RPM pump 3,150
16 8600 15 Regular Lift 75 HP MOTOR 540 RPM pump 3,350
16 6000 30 High Lift 125 HP MOTOR 500 RPM pump 3,400
16 8400 30 High Lift 150 HP MOTOR 540 RPM pump 3,400

Standard Options

  • Water lube bearings for the last two submerged bearings; use only in applications where water is relatively clear of grit.
  • Bearing buddies - Prevent water intrusion in wheel bearings of trailer
  • Flanged Swivel Discharge - Enables the operator to orient the discharge tubing in whatever direction is convenient.
  • Quick Coupler Discharge - An alternative method of attaching flexible discharge tubing.
  • Humpback frame to handle steeper angle approach