Diesel/Hydraulic Power Unit Skid Mounted, Output Horsepower 250, Hydraulic 150 GPM. 

Portable Hydraulic Power Unit - Skid Mounted

Description.  Crisafulli diesel hydraulic power unit has an industrial duty diesel engine with extended exhaust stack and rain cap mounted on an industrial duty skid, a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, suction screen, fluid reservoir, fluid level guage, fluid temperature guage, breather/fill cap, ten micron return-line filter, optional flow control, system pressure guage, fluid cooler, and all necessary hydraulic fittings. 

Battery, emergency safety engine shutdown system and fuel tank for 10 hours of continuous operation are included. 

Perfomance Range:  hydraulic output of 15-150 GPM.


 * Industrial Duty Diesel Engine
 * Safety Shutdown System
 * Extended Exhaust w/ Rain Cap  * 10 Hour Fuel Reservoir
 * Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump
 * Heavy Duty Skid w/ Lifting Eyes
 * Baffled Fluid Reservoir  * Return Circuit Filtration
 * Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve


Part #
Pressure (PSI)
PUDH25S 25 15 2,000 2,600
PUDH50S 50 30 2,000 2,800
PUDH75S 75 45 2,000 3,400
PUDH110S 110 75 2,000 3,800
PUDH150S 150 90 2,000 4,700
PUDH200S 200 120 2,000 6,200
PUDH250S 250 150 2,000 6,700
 (Larger hydraulic flow rates and pressures are available; consult factory for details)

Standard Options and Accessories

On/Off & Reversing Control Valve Multiple Circuits w/ Flow Control
Sound Attenuated or Weather Enclosures 8 GPM Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit 
 Hydraulic Hose & Quick Coupler Fittings Hose Rack or Reel 
 Picker Crane w/ Electric Winch Pump Basket
 High Pressure High Efficiency Piston Pumps  
*Power Unit will meet or exceed stated HP for continuous operations at rated RPM