At your construction site, public works Department, industrial plant - wherever there is hydraulic equipment - a Crisafulli Power Unit (either a Crisafulli Standard Model or a Crisafulli Custom Model) can provide the power you need. These power units aren't just for pumps; they have worked as well for a contractor in Idaho as they did for an irrigation project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the oil fields of Siberia, Russia. For reliable, versatile power to meet your needs, you can count on a Crisafulli Power Unit. Crisafulli builds the power unit you need - size, capacity, and power.

Rugged and reliable, Crisafulli diesel-hydraulic power units are fitted with industrial-rated diesel engines for continuous duty and dependability. Whether you prefer a hydraulic unit equipped with a diesel engine, gas engine, or electric motor, your Crisafulli Power Unit will be designed and built for lasting service.

To provide electric power to Crisafulli FLUMP Dredges, Crisafulli builds its Crisafulli Standard portable, double axle Diesel/Electric Power Unit in two sizes, 25 HP and 50 HP.

To provide hydraulic power to Crisafulli Hydraulic Pumps, Crisafulli builds Crisafulli Standard Power Units in four configurations, each either skid or dual axle mounted - i.e., Crisafulli Diesel/Hydraulic Power Units, Crisafulli Gas/Hydraulic Power Units, Crisafulli Electric/Hydraulic Power Units, or Crisafulli PTO/Hydraulic Power Units. Depending on the model, hydraulic output ranges from 15 GPM to 150 GPM.

Crisafulli will build your power unit mounted on a skid or a trailer for ease in transporting from site-to-site. The control panel on a Crisafulli Power Unit will be designed for your specific application.