Rotomite SD-110

SRS Crisafulli manufactures self-propelled, shallow draft, diesel powered dredges that can dredge about anywhere without cumbersome cabling.

    Portable, shallow draft Rotomite-SD110 can produce 85 cubic yards of dredged solids per hour.

The Rotomite SD-110 offers a range of Performance Capabilities

"Provides customers with BEST VALUE

The world’s lightest, high production, shallow draft manned dredge

  • Dredge profile. Diesel powered pump & auger, manned, self-propelled, steerable
  • Propulsion by dual prop hydraulic thruster
  • Dredging Depth. 12' (2 fathoms) standard dredge depth
  • Cubic yards of sludge processed per hour. Up to 85 cubic yards
  • Discharge volume. Up to 1,475 gallons per minute @ 123 feet of TDH (water)
  • Speed when not dredging. Up to 8.7 knots
  • Width of dredging Cut. 8.5 feet
  • Available Cutterhead Torque. 11,000 inch/lbs
  • Draft. 17 inches
  • Discharge distances and variables. *Pumping sludges and slurries.

*An important feature of SRS Crisafulli’s hydraulic dredges is their ability to pump dredged sludges and slurries over substantial distances to remote disposal sites.

SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions - To remove water. soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas.  And to irrigate farms and ranches.

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New and Unique Features of the  Rotomite SD-110

Best Efficiency Point. The Rotomite SD-110 operates at the nominal design Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of 1,475 GPM at 123 feet of TDH (in clean water). The dredge can reach flows of 2,000 GPM and 155 feet TDH.

Easy to operate. Designed with the operator in mind, the dredge has on-board storage in the operator’s station and a 12 VDC power point for the operator’s personal items - i. e., cell phone - with four additional 12V DC circuits, an adjustable helm, and even a built in cup holder. A walkway behind the operator’s station enables safe, easy operator movement from one side of the dredge to the other.

Portability. Weighting only 7,000 lbs, with an aluminum super structure and integrated mounts for most features and four lifting eyes, the SD-110 measures only 24.5 x 8 feet, can be lifted by almost any crane, and is transportable anywhere in the US without special permitting on a regular deck-over trailer.

102 inch wide Cutterhead; 12 foot dredge depth. The Rotomite SD-110’s 102” wide cutterhead provides 8.5 feet of actual dredging width and 12' of dredge depth depending on the model chosen.

Electrical & fuel systems. The diesel engine includes is a marine-duty gauge package an emergency (high temperature/low oil pressure) shutdown system.

Dual power systems achieve quiet and economic operations. Propulsion or traverse dreding. The Rotomite SD-110 comes standard with a traverse system to allow for dredge to be run on a cable system where precision is cruscial, you also have the freedom to dredge where you wantwith the maneuverability of the propulsion system.

Pontoons. Pontoons are 20’ long, aluminum, urethane foam filled, internally reinforced, with integral lifting eyes. The pontoons are divided into 5 sections each of which has a rub strip on the leading and bottom edges for safety.

Sludge pump by Crisafulli's 4” J-Series, submersible, variable speed, hydraulic dredge pump with dual mechanical seal bearing frame.

Auger/cutterhead. Crisafulli’s Cobra cutterhead/auger assembly directly mounted to pump intake, is equipped with dual hydraulic auger drive motors (11,000 in.-lbs) of total digging torque with overall dimensions of 8.5’ width and 1.5’ deep.

Propulsion System. The Rotomite Series has a completely new and much more powerful propulsion system, shown below, which adds versitility (speed, thrust, and maneuverability).

propeller resized 201

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Discharge Distance. The actual distance in a particular application depends on several variables including: the nature of the slurry – i. e., the specific gravity, weight, and concentration of solids in the slurry, the model and power of the dredge, the size of the discharge pipe, the topography of the land over which the slurry is pumped – i. e., vertical elevation change from the dredge to the discharge site, whether or not a booster pump is installed in the discharge line, and, perhaps most importantly, the experience and skill of the dredge operator.

Unmatched Versatility

Fuel capacity. 10 hour diesel fuel capacity (dual tanks with switch over).

Pump option. The Rotomite SD-110 is also available with a Chrome Carbide Crisafulli 4” J-Series pump for additional abrasion resistance.

Operator’s station with: Aluminum frame construction, canvas canopy over Operator Station, steering wheel and hydraulic control levers, a foam cushioned, vinyl fabric-backed covered operator’s seat, with adjustable height.

Operator controls. Helm and operational controls, hydraulic ram pivot system for additional maneuverability.

The Rotomite SD-110's Crisafulli Cobra cutterhead with 11,000 inch/pounds of cutting torque, and Crisafulli's 4” J-Series, submersible, variable speed, hydraulic dredge pump capable of processing 85 cubic yards of sludge from depths up to 12 feet are packaged in a lightweight (7,000 pounds), small (24 x 8 foot) self-propelled pontoon hull that draws only 17 inches of water for maximum versatility and performance. The dual prop hydraulic thruster system provides forward and reverse thrust and can turn 160 degrees resulting in extraordinary maneuverability.

  SRS Crisafulli's Shallow Draft Rotomite SD110 Dredge

Rotomite SD-110 side-casting sedimentation dredged on the Missouri River, Montana USA.

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