Rotomite-6000 CE - All Purpose Dredges

 Self-propelled, manned, 6" all purpose electric powered dredges for soft and abrasive slurrries


Rotomite-6000 CE all purpose electric powered dredge for abrasive & soft slurries.

Shown above, SRS Crisafulli’s recently offered all-purpose, electric powered Rotomite-6000 CE (R6CE) dredge, designed for customer convenience, safety, and productivity, engineered for a full range of dredging applications from soft to highly abrasive slurries, powered by an external electrical source at the customer’s electrical utility facility. The all-purpose Rotomite-6000 CE dredge offers forward mounted heated & air-conditioned operator’s cab with 360-degree visibility, and the safety guardrail surrounding the dredge.

The Rotomite-6000 CE offers a wide-range of Performance Capabilities

“Provides customers with BEST VALUE

  • Dredging depth: 23 feet standard (up to 30 feet optional)
  • Applications:  the full range of dredging applications from soft to abrasive slurries.
  • Cubic yards of sludge processed per hour: up to 240 cubic yards
  • Discharge volume: up to 3,400 gallons per minute @ 180' TDH (water)
  • Dredging speed: up to 25 feet per minute
  • Width of dredging cut: 8 feet
  • Draft: 30 inches
  • Propulsion thrust:  1300 pounds (or more)
  • Discharge distances and variables. *Pumping sludges and slurries.

*An important feature of SRS Crisafulli’s hydraulic dredges is their ability to pump dredged sludges and slurries over substantial distances to remote disposal sites.

SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions - To remove water. soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas.  And to irrigate farms and ranches.

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New and Unique Features of Rotomite-6000 CE

While many features of the Rotomite-6000 CE are similar or identical to the Rotomite-6000, the Rotomite-6000 CE has several new and unique features that increase productivity and versatility.

Every component that processes slurry on the Rotomite-6000 CE was selected for abrasion resistance. 

Cast Pump for Abrasive Applications. The Rotomite- 6000 CE was designed around the Georgia Iron Works (GIW) cast alloy pump model LCC-M 150-500 6 inch by 8 inch. See below for photo of the GIW cast alloy pump mounted on the Rotomite-6000 CE. Note attachment to Black Mamba Cutterhead - two subsequent photos.

GIW pump

Rotomite 6000 C Cutterhead

Propulsion System. The Rotomite-6000 CE has a completely new and much more powerful propulsion system, shown below, which adds versitility (speed, thrust, and maneuverability) for the heavier Rotomite 6000 CE.

propeller resized 201


Rotomite 6000 C Dashboard

Shown above, an inside view of the Operator’s Cab on the Rotomite-6000 CE. All dredge functions are controlled from the Cab – i.e., turn the main engine on and off and vary it’s power output, raise or lower the cutterhead and pump, turn on and off and vary the speed or RPM of the pump, the cutterhead rotation, propulsion thrust on/off and forward and reverse, steer the dredge left or right. The Cab is heated and air-conditioned for the Operator’s comfort, safety, and to enhance dredge productivity.

Best Value. The foregoing capabilities result in maximum versatility, minimum operating costs, and “Best Value” for the customer.

For abrasive and soft slurries. Engineered as a modification to SRS Crisafulli’s established and proven successful Rotomite-6000, the new Rotomite-6000 CE is designed to dredge efficiently the full range of applications from soft slurries to highly abrasive slurries such as sand.

Electric Powered Dredge. SRS Crisafulli designed the Rotomite-6000 CE for an electric power plant. The economics of using available, low cost electricity, rather than a diesel engine, motivated the customer to specify the use of electric motors to power the dredge and all dredge systems.

Cast alloy pump. We replaced the fabricated pump used in the Rotomite-6000 with a cast alloy pump by Georgia Iron Works, the GIW Model LCC-M 150-500, designed specifically for abrasive applications. All dredge systems have been “hardened” to handle abrasive slurries including a new cutterhead.

Portability. The Rotomite-6000 CE is transportable anywhere in the US (as is the Rotomite-6000) on a step-deck flat bed.

Operator's Cab mounted forward on dredge roe 360 degree visability

Great visibility. Note the Operator's clear view of dredging operations from the forward positioned cab with large windows on all four sides on the Rotomite-6000 CE. The new cab (with optional air and heat) is accessible from either side of the dredge for improved convenience, productivity, and safety.

Below. Enlarged view of Black Mamba Cutterhead. Hydraulic motors that power the auger are mounted inside the auger tube for more efficient dredging of abrasive materials.

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