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Cabled Traverse System

                                     How FLUMPs and Rotomites move as they dredge 

Highly productive, long lasting FLUMP can dredge & pump 80 cubic yards of solids per hour.

SRS Crisafulli's Integrated Product Solutions - To remove water. soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas.  And to irrigate farms and ranches.

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Dredge RentalsMany domestic and Canadian customers rent Crisafulli’s Rotomite and FLUMP dredges on short-term leases, and, after becoming familiar with the productive capabilities of the dredges, buy them.

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The unmanned FLUMP dredge, or the Rotomite, when operated in a cabled traverse system, are positioned and moved, either manually or automatically, along a tensioned galvanized steel cable extending across the lagoon or pond. The cable is attached at either end of the lagoon or pond to a galvanized steel cable affixed to sturdy steel posts set firmly in the ground (generally in concrete foundations). See diagram below. This form of traverse system is built with either two or four posts. Lateral positioning of the FLUMP is either manual, or electric by two 3/4 HP shore based electric winches. Accordingly, such traverse systems are referred to as: (a) 2 post manual; (b) 4 post manual; or 4 post electric.

Alternatively, FLUMPs can be positioned and controlled when the traverse cable is attached to a “Trolley” fastened to a shore based steel rail at either end of the pond for uncomplicated control over the lateral positioning function. This style is commonly referred to as a “rail traverse".

Crisafulli offers standard kits for traverse systems and provides consulting and installation services to the customer for construction of the traverse system at the customer’s site. The size of the pond and the type of traverse system influence the cost. Due to the cost of a traverse system, ranging from a few thousand dollars for a manual system to $30,000 or more for a large railed system, FLUMPs are most economical for the customer when used to dredge ponds that require repeated dredging.

Shown below is a "bird's eye" view of a Crisafulli Four Post Cabled Traverse System.

Bird's eye view - Four Post Cabled Traverse System can be set up almost anywhere. eye view - Crisafulli Four Post Cabled Traverse System that can be set up almost anywhere. bird's eye view of a Crisafulli Four Post Cabled Traverse System that can be set up almost anywhere. SRS Crisafulli.